Understand the best opportunity to ceramic tile seam beauty, let decorate appearance multiplication level and efficiency

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-19
In order to avoid because of the heat bilges cold shrink caused by expansion the problem such as craze, ceramic tile shop is stuck, will leave the size of a certain gap between the adjacent tiles. However, leave out the gap will not only influence the effect of decorate beautiful sex, and shelter evil people and practices easily, cause the moldy phenomenon such as black. So, most of the time will use ceramic tile seam filling agent for gap filling. In order to more beautiful and practical, on the basis of the original ordinary caulking, again beautiful ceramic tile seam. Under normal circumstances, the ceramic tile seam is in shop sticks ceramic tile construction is completed, the interval for a week, just begin. So, there will be questions about owner, ceramic tile seam beauty must lie between a week? Can early or later, will be, what kind of impact? First of all, we have to know what beauty is ceramic tile seam. Ceramic tile seam beauty is by using a fusion of the pigments and gelatin is made and be become, glue after ceramic tile shop sticks, to fill of ceramic tile aperture, wait until the glue after solidification, and ceramic tile can form the good combination and unity, achieve beautification and fill the role. Beauty so ceramic tile seam actually need to have a waiting time and solidification time. Ceramic tile seam beauty waiting time, also known as the beauty of the shortest time. As mentioned earlier, ceramic tile ceramic tile seam beauty will have to wait for after the shop is stuck to. However, not a brick, ceramic tile can be carried out immediately. Because the shop is stuck in the process of ceramic tile, use some adhesive material, in order to keep the adhesive strength and stability, they need to for a time of solidification. Often used in cement mortar, for example, will need to have a week or so time to set. This beauty is ceramic tile seam after the shop is stuck, needs to wait for at least a week. Ceramic tile seam beauty of the coagulation time, to better understand, specifically refers to the coagulation time of glue itself. Some owners because the early without considering the seam, or because other reasons, the ceramic tile seam beauty time delayed by a month or two. Although this time can also do the ceramic tile seam, but notice before making the joint, thoroughly clean the inside of the gap is more difficult to go dirt. In addition, after the complete ceramic tile seam, through protective cover material, such as the protection of it for more than 7 days and maintenance, such beautiful seam an agent can make better solidification to finalize the design. Beauty above all, ceramic tile seam grasp these two time, not only better and more efficient. Of course, if the budget is enough, master to do professional things to professional construction, more save trouble.
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