Unlock the kitchen ceramic tile collocation and choose the correct posture, the five practical tips to understand

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-02
Chinese food culture has a long history, three meals a day for people to have an unusual significance. In the family is decorated in, of the kitchen decorate is particularly important, that have & other Gold silver kitchen health & throughout; The claim. Bear the kitchen of the function of home cooking, often contact water, electricity, fire, oil and various seasonings and cleaner, the entire environment present a high temperature, humidity, such as heavy oil, acid, alkaline complex state, have special request for ceramic tile use. So, collocation of kitchen ceramic tile and what is the correct posture of choose and buy, how to apply more beautiful and practical? The following five practical tips to understand! A: practical tips for the relatively small family kitchen, suggest that choose the ceramic tile of medium and small specification. Because not only inside the kitchen Windows and doors and cabinets, stove and refrigerator equipment, such as need to be reasonable layout and planning, so as to reduce the waste on ceramic tile cutting. Practical skills 2: because the kitchen is often at a high temperature environmental conditions, easy to emotional tension. In order not to & other; Added fuel to the fire & throughout; , choose ceramic tile design and color, collocation and Suggestions to avoid the ceramic tile of warm color attune, brunet department, suggest that choose cool color to move, the ceramic tile that light color fastens, ascending feel relaxed, open kitchen space, don't let a person feel too stressed. Practical skills 3: at present, most kitchen installation of complete sets of cabinets. So some owners are confused, ambry whether also need to stick on the back of tile? The kitchen is a relatively humid space, water more. In order to better moistureproof and waterproof, protection ambry not be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy, suggested the entire wall at the back of the cabinet are covered with tile. And it has proved to be ambry leveling the ground and metope. Practical skills 4: some owners like metope affix ceramic tile waist line in the kitchen. In fact, waist tiles can be used instead. Relative to the waist line ceramic tile, tile design more rich, lively and colorful, is suitable for the kitchen build relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Five: the practical skills for the kitchen ceramic tile to choose which kind of material is better, also have different opinions. Most people believe that, from the easy to clean with the point of view, should choose the glazed tile; From the perspective of anti-skid, should use inferior smooth brick, or brick. In fact, different materials can be combined to use ceramic tile, floor tile is preferred, prevent slippery brick, wall brick, focuses on the performance of resistance to dirty stain resistant easy to clean. Above is small make up of the collocation of kitchen ceramic tile with the tip of choose and buy, in true when choosing, should start from home kitchen door model size, combined with the integral style of the decoration and color collocation. At the same time, the practical performance of kitchen ceramic tile should be considered.
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