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by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-08
Ceramic tile, now many people are used to tile, ceramic tile adhesive but this new type of ceramic tile material, whether non-toxic whether is suitable for decoration, a lot of people are still sceptical, this small make up is simple to explain ceramic tile adhesive, please, see whether you like it! ( Ceramic tile adhesive, please) A, about the ceramic tile adhesive ceramic tile adhesive, it is ceramic tile adhesive, is mainly used in ceramic tile, floor tile, wall tile, tile of pottery and porcelain, use scope is wide, such as metope, ground, kitchen, toilet, etc. Due to its own post, with waterproof characteristics of the resistance to freezing. 1, ceramic tile adhesive is as long as a thin layer, the advantages of the construction is simple, and without bubble water ahead of ceramic tile, greatly save the time and space; Due to its strong post, high cohesiveness, basically there will be no empty drum or may fall; Pollution is small. The possibility of reducing waste, non-toxic additives, accord with environmental protection. 2, the shortcomings of ceramic tile adhesive of the high cost of cost, like the ceramic tile of the ground rubber about 12 to 15 yuan per square meter, while the wall is about 20 yuan. Ceramic tile adhesive butch, inferior can be toxic, environmental protection. Second, the high cohesive force, the construction of the characteristics of ceramic tile glue need not wet leaching brick wall, good flexible, waterproof, impermeability and crack resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistant, freeze-thaw resistance, avirulent environmental protection, construction is simple. The applicable scope of the three, ceramic tile adhesive is suitable for indoor and outdoor floor tile of wall of pottery and porcelain, ceramic Mosaic paste, can also be applied to all kinds of internal and external walls of buildings, pool, hutch defends, the basement membrane. Paste used for external thermal insulation system of protective layer on the ceramic tile, protective layer material such as maintenance to a certain intensity. Base should be dry, solid, smooth, no pollution, no dust, no remover, etc. Four, what is the use of ceramic tile adhesive approach 1, wet construction wall, ground, wall, ground inside must maintain dry, wall, ground surface need to be flat, rugged or rough surface can be used to be leveled with cement mortar. 2, remove basic float ash, oil stain, otherwise it will affect the ceramic tile adhesive bonding degree. 3, adhesive, water cement ratio is about 1:4, stir to mix well. Adhesive should be finished in 5 ~ 6 hours. 4, will apply glue mixture on the back to the ceramic tile of laid, you push hard on the, until the ceramic tile surface level, within 15 minutes of ceramic tile on the shop can be by moving the correct position. This is the current some related contents of introduction about ceramic tile adhesive, much of a deep knowledge of ceramic tile adhesive to is? If you still want to know more about the relevant contents of ceramic tile, welcome to continue to focus on our European brunei's official website! Finally thank you for watching! See you next time! ( Ceramic tile adhesive, please)
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