Villa decoration, spread the marble or marble tiles?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-01
Villa decoration, spread the marble or marble tiles? Villa decorates if only consider from the Angle of luxury or marble of good, of course, but the marble price is more expensive, general use marble tile instead. Natural marble color natural, dignified luxury, atmospheric natural, of primitive simplicity is elegant, elegant, adornment effect is remarkable, but as a natural marble color, existing flaws, easy seepage pollution and more difficult to do, the price high and supply is not stable and long cycle formed restrictions on its widespread use. And marble tile with imitation marble color and texture, surface texture of natural, continuous change, and high hardness, flexural strength, the shop is stuck easier, waterproof antifouling performance is superior, is easy to do. Comprehensive, marble both advantages of natural marble and ceramic tile ceramic tile, on the adornment effect it has reached the level of natural marble, at the same time, also have ceramic tile superior practical performance.
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