Want to good decoration effect and save more money? To avoid misunderstanding

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-01
For the average person, buy a set of housing has spent most of the savings, so decorate a budget will be relatively less. So, pay attention to the reasonable allocation overhead when decorate, lest cause waste, increase the budget. Pay attention to avoid the misunderstanding can also be appropriate to reduce the budget, so should pay attention to avoid the traps when indoor decoration? One, the lamp is too multifarious, shoot the light too much in pursuit of modern home outfit create brilliant lighting effects, in decorate will install some lights and crystal lamp. In fact, the average household is controlled in 100 square, really there is no need to install the crystal lamp, crystal big volume, light fierce, not only difficult to clean, also can make the bedroom feel cramped. And shoot the light is too much easy to cause potential safety hazard, although the lamp wattage low, but the accumulation of heat cannot be ignored, can produce high temperature in a short time, after a long time can easily catch on fire then fire. In fact, many families to shoot the light to open only in at the feast, basically not use at ordinary times. Therefore, it is recommended that you install lamp, sticking to the principle of less is less. Second, the design of the sitting room porch is too complicated for the first impression is always the most important, most of the family will that take the door design porch, let a person have a good impression that take the door, porch is the sitting room is outspread, and can be used as the barrier of partition. But many families porch design is very complicated, so it will destroy the aesthetic feeling of the sitting room, affect the bedroom whole style. Complex porch is unfavorable to the daily cleaning and so on the design of porch, as far as possible to the direction of contracted, practical, make that does not affect the aesthetic feeling of the sitting room, porch late and convenient cleaning. Three, choose low floor tile floor tile price is numerous, ranging from a few yuan to several hundred yuan, in order to save budget, many of the owners think it doesn't matter what floor tile, floor tile will choose cheaper. Actually inferior floor tile is generally not wear-resisting, are easy to be scratched on the ground; If wet skid resistance is not enough, the ground, it is easy to slip, causing unnecessary accident harm, do more harm than good. Floor tile when the choose and buy, therefore, as far as possible choose some big brands of floor tile, after all, the quality will be guaranteed. Four, cheap electrical wiring, conduit, electrical wiring, conduit installation is installed in the concealed work, is not easily visible. Instead of many owners often will not be too concerned about the quality, value the price. If the electrical wiring, conduit, do not conform to the requirements of the quality, the safe hidden danger of the late unable to forecast. So, the money can't save, should choose high quality wire and conduit to safety. Five, not the supervisor in the construction process of modern fast rhythm of life, many people do not have time to decorate, more than the whole package decoration, after much. Because the owner didn't decorate experience, often pick is not at fault, when acceptance of late to have a lot of trouble. Therefore, may be in the process of construction site supervisor, put an end to the workers to cut corners, no can do cutting and the shopkeeper.
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