Want to live comfortable, ceramic tile of choose and buy is very important

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-20
In building materials industry, ceramic tile is an outfit advocate material, under normal circumstances, the ceramic tile is suitable for all kinds of household style. Wooden floor is beautiful, but easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy, especially sitting room, kitchen and toilet space with three is unfavorable the shop is stuck. Want beautiful practical domestic outfit, glazed tile is the best choice, but home appliance can replace at any time, ceramic tile can not easily change, so to fully understand the ceramic tile, again to choose and buy, to decorate one pace reachs the designated position, no worries. A thick, ceramic tile have a thickness of 1, ceramic tile ceramic tile is after the high temperature burn becomes, has high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, under the same thickness, the ceramic tile of compressive capacity is much higher than natural stone. But the more the ceramic tile of the thicker the consumption of raw materials, relative to ordinary ceramic tile, thick the firing of ceramic tile are not very environmentally friendly. 2, thin thin ceramic tile ceramic tile is more popular on the market at present, because of thin ceramic tile has energy conservation and environmental protection, low manufacturing cost advantages, has become the trend of building materials market. Thin ceramic tile on the sintering performance is very good, can reduce losses in the raw material at the same time, to meet the consumers need the product requirements. But thin ceramic tile on the bearing and the compressive capacity remains to be strengthened. 2 flat-fell seam ceramic tile, ceramic tile has certain bibulous rate, will be as the change of temperature and heat bilges cold shrink, ceramic tile, while expanding produce collision between ceramic tile, then damage the ceramic tile, so shop sticks ceramic tile need brick joints. Ceramic tile to wait for about a week after the shop is stuck, ceramic tile back mud dry thoroughly before caulking. Cross the seam when using the plastic, can speed up the shop is stuck, can also make brick seam straight and beautiful, have to wait 24 hours before they can use after caulking scraper scrape off the excess gap filling agent. Floor tile use period is quite long, and the pattern color is new on the market are different. If ceramic tile is not too badly damaged, so there is no need to change the new. Ceramic tile flat-fell seam is too dirty, you can use cleaner to clean, or find a professional beauty seam resealing master, the whole ground natural look brand-new. In addition to conventional ceramic tile flat-fell seam, aisle should reserve around edges when shop sticks ceramic tile, so that can make visual effect more have administrative levels feeling design, at the same time do when inclined shop ceramic tile won't loss too much, beautiful and save money. Three, how to select good ceramic tile 1, by tapping method can distinguish the immanent quality of ceramic tile, voice loud, clear, explain porcelain effect is good; Sounds boring, internal cracks that shows ceramic tile or porcelain the effect not beautiful. 2, drop some water on the back of the tile, fast drop penetration, ceramic tile is bibulous rate is strong, the ceramic tile of such internal structure is loose, easy to fracture; Slow drop penetration, bibulous rate is weak, that shows ceramic tile of good quality. 3, in addition, the ceramic tile surface crack, black spots, the color difference and so on various aspects are all need to be aware of.
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