Warm and elegant, rural style collocation more color ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-10
As is known to all, if the home to decorate, before the formal commencement will make sure of good whole decorate a style. In the modern family is decorated in, the pastoral style and modern style, Jane Europe style as well as the new Chinese style style, is the most popular decorating style. Different family decorate a style, need to use the corresponding decorative elements and decorative materials to build, and ceramic tile is one of the major hard filling material. Rural style warm and elegant, natural and pure and fresh, obtained a lot of home owners preferences. So, how should rural style of ceramic tile of choose and buy, what's the tie-in skill? What is the rural style urbanite life rhythm fast, it is pressure big, pastoral life be a lot of people yearning, but difficult to escape from urban hedge. Therefore, decorate in the family in build a close to nature, return to the true meaning of rural style become people's choice. The earliest introduced from European and American countries, domestic rural style belongs to foreign decorate a style, have been popular for a very long time, and is divided into French rural style, American pastoral style, British rural style, such as different category. Overall, rural style is pure and fresh and elegant, natural and simple, is unique among all decorate a style. Rural style collocation to return uncut jade to put in rural style ceramic tile, warm and comfortable, comfortable and at ease, really exciting. From the above understanding, the rural style decoration application focus on reduction of pristine nature, reflect the vicissitudes of life, tonal or qing li and free from vulgarity, or undecorated, or thick composed. So in ceramic tile on the choice of design and color, should choose light color brick, plain coloured bricks or pure color. However, considering to use in daily life more convenient to clean, advice to avoid choose the ceramic tile of pure white color. Rural style often use cloth art adornment, in adornment element, such as plant, design matched on the choice of furniture also will often choose real wood material. So, having the wood grain brick imitation solid wood texture and texture, to build rural style has a natural advantage. In addition, the light color fastens the archaize brick has a history of do old feeling, and after years of vicissitudes of life also is a good choice for rural style. Above is the rural style when household is decorated, ceramic tile is how to match is introduced. Before the owners to buy ceramic tile, it is recommended that the ceramic tile of integral space planning in advance, can refer to someone's home decorate and decorate experience, the ceramic tile of choose to suit oneself decorate a budget and needs. Ceramic tile, after all, once the shop is stuck is good, hard to easily modify the replacement, and so on the side of caution.
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