We are not the same: ceramic tile VS stone

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-19
Modern home outfit, in order to make our bedroom tidy atmosphere and different, of metope and ground do some decoration. But there are a lot of building materials market in building material, most of them struggle, decorating is the use of ceramic tile good or stone? Now, we said, what is the difference between ceramic tiles and stone material, hope to be of help. A, properties, different natural stone is a product of nature, beautiful, durable, corrosion resistant, flame retardant is a natural stone material such as identification. Stone also has the very good thermal conductivity and thermal storage ability, can let a bedroom warm in winter and cool in summer, can be said to be an ideal decorative materials. Ceramic tile is made of dozens of natural raw materials via high temperature fire and become, after grinding, pressing, glazing process manufacturing. Although belongs to artificial materials, the high quality ceramic tile has high strength, wear resistance, long life and other advantages, physical performance is more suitable for home decoration. In daily cleaning is also very good, do not need special maintenance and cleaning, it is because of these advantages, so ceramic tile also attracted the attention of many consumers. 2, texture of natural stone material is natural form, every piece of stone texture direction is unique, as is a natural product, stone material surface will be a natural crack, easily penetrate into the oil, dirt, late lead to difficult to clean. Marble tile is designed according to the natural stone texture, and also have different texture, the texture and colour respect even more abundant than natural stone. As a result of the ceramic tile is made through multiple processes, its density is very high, not easy ooze oil. 3, the chromatism of natural stone material properties make it on the color difference is obvious, and also in the process of processing can't eliminate the color difference, but it will not affect the decorative effect, as has the breath of nature, the high-end. And ceramic tile is artificial, although to a certain extent, avoid the color difference, but it can reduce the color difference in the manufacturing process. Even if there is a little off color, high quality ceramic tile also cannot cover the atmospheric noble temperament. 4, shape stone can be cut, according to different requirements but stone crack, texture more brittle, easy for cutting edge collapse collapse caused by Angle phenomenon. Ceramic tile different specification, can satisfy a variety of design requirements, with ceramic tile production technology becoming more mature, need to use professional equipment, when the cutting ceramic tile few collapse edge collapse Angle phenomenon, can meet the demand of diversified design. 5, the shop is stuck way both in the shop is stuck way also is distinct, dry hanging stone can only take the technology of the shop is stuck, no mud adhesion; And ceramic tile shop is stuck is simple and convenient, use ceramic tile adhesive or mud will be binding.
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