What are some advantages and wall rock with perfect marble tiles

by:Overland ceramics     2020-08-18
In today's popular element change continuously, can always be on the left to become a real classic, with perfect marble tiles and wall rock is one of them! From luxury local tyrants to coldness, senior beauty, with perfect marble tile pervasive, almost account for half of the decoration, and the whirlwind in ceramic tile floor tile has never stopped in the design of space, not only active in decoration industry, currently in ceramic tile floor tile is also active factor in the household environment, future sustainable perfect marble porcelain trends will continue to ferment. What is 'and wall rock, the brick tiles'? 'And wall rock, the brick tile' is a system using the industry's unique to digital intelligent fabric, can realize the whole porcelain tile and texture component and color tower 'three component' high and new technology products. 'And the advantage of wall rock, the brick tile'? 'And wall rock, the brick tile' imported base powder intelligence essence and special ink penetration, make the body surface texture and even grain symbiosis, blank coloring capacity upgrade at the same time, make the body and the surface color is highly consistent, to achieve the real color and texture component. 'And wall rock, the brick tile' using digital intelligent material system, all the powder ( White and the rest have toner material) According to the surface of the ink jet penetration patterns, fabric texture, color file synchronization. Perfect make sense of color, texture and material ceramic tile, ceramic tile surface and the processing methods of natural mating, arbitrary slot, edge, chamfering, solve the problem of white line. 'And wall rock, connect body' depth breadth and decorative pattern design, in the design and production, improve the hardness of the ceramic tile, wider practicability in the field of design, can be used to the ground, metope, can even realize the application field of natural stone material, can meet the demands of a new consumer groups of sharp cutting ceramic tile and the spatial pattern of personalized shaping, leading the high-end market development new pattern. And wall rock, connect body | TPACM80 - 1501 800 x 800 mm the bick ash and wall rock, connect body | TPACM80 - 1502 800 x 800 mm tintoretto and wall rock, connect body | TPACM80 - Caesar white 1503 800 x 800 mm and wall rock, connect body | TPACM80 - Ancient grey brick, 1505, 800 x 800 mm marble tile in the research and development, driven by industry constantly have more kinds style products and form a complete set, with wider application range and so on. 'And wall rock, connect body' technology innovation, through the texture, texture, color, texture, application, environmental protection, and compare the performance on natural marble, achieve new breakthrough. Many virtues sets 'and wall rock, connect body', harvest many consumers love, also becomes the key to many of the owners home decoration products. View 'and wall rock, connect body' the product of electronic atlas, can focus on the relevant column to understand.
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