What are the advantages and disadvantages of setting wall ceramic tile? TV setting wall ceramic tile do ok or not? 吗?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-01
What are the advantages and disadvantages of setting wall ceramic tile? The sitting room TV setting wall ceramic tile do ok or not? Make the sitting room TV setting wall material is varied, such as wood, stone, diatom ooze the use of these materials is more reality still have a kind of wall material used is relatively more oh, don't know whether to ceramic tile and impression? Don't think setting wall ceramic tile is very low, actually this is not the ordinary ceramic tile oh, then we'll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of setting wall ceramic tile. A, 1, the advantages of setting wall ceramic tile ceramic tile is what are the advantages and disadvantages of setting wall? Setting wall there are a lot of the advantages of ceramic tile, has the incomparable advantage over other background wall. First background wall when the design need to ceramic tile ceramic tile on the basis of creation, then fire carved on ceramic tile design, and carries on the color processing, make its have the effect of realistic, beautiful, and generally processed ceramic tile has waterproof and moistureproof, no fading, long using life cycle, are 2, ceramic tile design into TV setting wall is usually through exclusive custom to achieve the result that satisfy the customer, so the background wall ceramic tile also is corresponding with the unique feature, it can according to customer demand for personalized custom, create customer exclusive TV setting wall, which also can promote the customer's taste and customers enjoy the mental. 3,, ceramic tile, make TV setting wall after grade not only, and durable, high hardness, decorate finished, you can use for many years, don't need to worry about accidentally scratch or damage the background wall, so can see ceramic tile setting wall is a very good performance product design. Second, the shortcomings of ceramic tile setting wall 1, what are the advantages and disadvantages of setting wall ceramic tile? Although the advantages of ceramic tile background wall has many, but it is also inevitable exist a few small defects, because ceramic tile are custom made, so that when customers buy, designers need to communicate with customer design idea and the specific details, such as design entirely sure later production processing, the need to be very long production during the period of time, usually at 20 days or so, so customers in the process of waiting for the finished product will need to be very long. 2, due to the ceramic tile background wall need to customize, so its cost is relatively higher than the price of other existing background wall materials. It I'm afraid for the ordinary family to pay the huge costs, for the ordinary families can find manufacturers selling online, usually directly by the manufacturer to sell the price will be relatively lower. 3, ceramic tile setting wall is compared with ordinary wallpaper background wall, can be obviously found that ceramic tile setting wall construction technology demand is higher, and the construction difficulty is relatively large, make setting wall ceramic tile will need to spend more time and energy, and setting wall ceramic tile can't easily change, to a certain extent and other background wall design is indeed a lot of inconvenience. What are the advantages and disadvantages of setting wall ceramic tile? Setting wall ceramic tile is not directly using ordinary ceramic tile to make, but for deep-processing ceramic tile and create special adornment effect, not only in practicability can also present a variety of style of the design window, contact: Sue manager contact number: 18680030677 ( With WeChat) Company address: foshan city zen JiHua four-way meaning beautiful home sanitary ceramics 14-1 in the world 15,
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