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What are the advantages of ceramic tiles

What are the advantages of ceramic tiles


I believe that many friends are very troubled when faced with tiled or wooden floors, and they don't know the characteristics and pros and cons of tiles and wooden floors. Therefore, understanding the characteristics and pros and cons of the two is helpful for choosing the most suitable flooring material!

    The advantages of ceramic tiles are mainly manifested in:

    1. First of all, the service life of ceramic tiles is very long, and it is generally not easily damaged by non-human factors. The second is clean and easy to clean. And beautiful and generous, giving people a very clean feeling.

    2. Size: The size of the product is the same size, which can save construction time and is neat and beautiful.

    3. Water absorption: The lower the water absorption, the better the degree of vitrification, the better the physical and chemical properties of the product, and the less likely it is to crack or peel due to thermal expansion and contraction due to climate change.

    4. Flatness: ceramic tiles with good flatness, the surface is not curved, not warped, easy to construct, and the ground is flat after construction. Strength: high flexural strength, good abrasion resistance and resistance to heavy pressure, not easy to wear, long-lasting, suitable for use in public places.

    5. Chromatic aberration: Lay the tiles flat on the floor and arrange them to form a square meter, and see if there are different shades of color or can't be connected at a distance of three meters, which will cause aesthetic obstacles.

    The wood look tile is greatly affected by weather and humidity; it needs regular maintenance; it is easy to deform and warp after being immersed in water; it releases formaldehyde; its service life is relatively short.

    One point of view: wood flooring does have the advantages of beauty and nature, comfortable feet, and good thermal insulation performance. Beautiful things often require more labor. Wood flooring is easy to deform and warp and is not easy to care for. Solid wood flooring also needs Do maintenance.

    Ceramic tiles have poor comfort, thermal insulation, and limited use areas; individual tiles will have radioactive contamination; high costs, complex paving, and cumbersome construction. Another point of view: the premium porcelain tiles are hard on the soles of the feet and feel less warm. Especially in humid weather, it is easy to slip, and the tile use area is limited. After comparing the quality of wooden floors and ceramic tiles, you should make a judgment on which one is better. 

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