What are the balcony floor tile method

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-05
Ceramic tile shop with many exquisite, whether the quality of workmanship, or method of the shop is stuck, or the collocation of design and color, are all need to carefully understand the owner, especially the balcony shop sticks ceramic tile, a lot of people ignored. So what are the balcony floor tile method? 1, traditional shop sticks ceramic tile according to the straight line method of laying, this method is the most primitive, also is a kind of traditional way of the shop is stuck, but so far, has been used by people, too! No matter what method from the shop is stuck on or, give a person a kind of whole contracted neat feeling! Floor 2, dislocation method dislocation of the shop is stuck, it is usually known as displacement method, is the ceramic tile to rotate the square 45 degree Angle to the shop is stuck! Kind of method of the shop is stuck straight very fluent, and the infinite extension, give a person has a certain visual impact! 3, irregular tile is when the shop is stuck at the shop is stuck, no certain rules to design the shop is stuck, without considering the shape! The shop is stuck the method of lines is very natural, and disorderly in tangible, so the shop is stuck method is not affected by how much like the owner, but the area is small or irregular door model, the shop is stuck played a flexibility of the shop is stuck! Line is more diversity, generally suitable for recreational area to use more appropriate. 4, spellers the shop is stuck, the shop is stuck, because the area of the tile are of different sizes, so laid out the figure is very rich! 5, h the shop is stuck in the traditional way of the shop is stuck on to do a little change, just don't according to the traditional way of straight line laid, but modified to h. What are the balcony floor tile method is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile shop sticks can focus on the knowledge of brunei.
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