What are the ceramic tile of choose and buy the principle

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-27
Ceramic tile is very important in the process of decorating advocate material, the ceramic tile of choose and buy not only consider beautiful, practical, quality is more important. What are the principle of the ceramic tile of choose and buy? 1, the kitchen ceramic tile not to buy inferior smooth, or fat it is hard to wipe. Toilet tiles do not use too plain, it is easy to get dirty, and after a long time too too insipid. 2 specification size uniform, uniform thickness, good quality floor tile, floor tile surface level off is smooth, no bubbles, no stain, no pits, color bright, uniform luster, marginal without defects, 90 degree Angle, not deformation, the pattern is clear, the compressive performance is good, not easy damaged. It is difficult to find a satisfactory 3, the color of the floor tile, I haven't found, but the two are not satisfied with the color of the staggered spelling a flower to a 45 degree Angle are able to present a good effect. This is a bricklayer's good piece of advice is given. 4, sometimes in order to save money to buy the ceramic tile of sales promotion ( White, matte) , a brain fever is stuck in the kitchen, still useless to clean cement marks alone think add seam an agent than glazed pottery is arduous. 5, the owners when choosing ceramic tile for ceramic tile quality is maintained. First is whether its colour and lustre is uniform, no noise and small black spots; Secondly depends on its size is standard, use a tape measure the length and width of ceramic tile, measure the size with the label factory size is consistent, again of ceramic tile of diagonal, such as the diagonal size is consistent, the ceramic tile is positive; Then depends on the roughness of ceramic tile, the most simple and effective method is the same brand of two pieces of ceramic tile and overlap, such as the overlap between the two ceramic tile to have obvious gap or can rotate, the ceramic tile is uneven; Finally to see ceramic tile have off color, the method is to take out a few pieces of the same type of ceramic tile sample, in the light, such as can't see the color difference, can be ordered. 6, the kitchen with a neutral tile, brown series, and cyan series resistance to dirty. 7, buy ceramic tile must consider loss, better to buy some more later, also very close to things not merely replenishment, replenishment is the basic way, will be very trouble and torture people and patience. The kitchen after good ceramic tile stick with old newspapers or plastic film, best if your workers in the kitchen cooking, decorates your cleaning work is an important part to clean the kitchen oil stains. The 8, the color of the floor tile selected is very weak, the hair, the footprints are obviously, very anxious to barefoot + shave their heads. 9, wall and floor tile: this item can save a lot of money. If you have two balconies, there is no need to buy very good when buying ceramic tile, as long as beautiful and practical. Sunny side, of course, want to consider to buy uv radiation, otherwise they will affect beautiful. The kitchen by ambry side must buy something. Preferably the kitchen does not buy matte tile, it is difficult to pick up! The kitchen floor tile with moderate to buy. The other side wall can buy a little cheaper, it can make kitchen more have administrative levels feeling. The wall and floor tile of toilet to buy a bit better, because of the high use of toilet, and humid. The bathroom floor tile had better not buy pure white. 10, when the choice can be beat, ringing specification ceramic tile changes sound density and hardness, good quality; Can also test the water absorption of ceramic tile, bibulous rate is lower, on behalf of the inherent stability of ceramic tile is taller, also suit the space with higher humidity or moisture content ( Such as toilet, kitchen) , won't produce the problem such as shading. The simplest method is to pour some water on the back of ceramic tile, w. p. diffusion is rapid, show bibulous rate on the high side, conversely is low. Check the surface quality of ceramic tile, can scratch the glazed ceramic tile, with good thing if you leave a mark, explain quality is poor; Also look at the color of ceramic tile is not clear, it did have a look at the pinhole to the naked eye, pinhole easy accumulation of dirt, and then observe the roughness of ceramic tile, side flat, shop is easy, effect is better. Ceramic tile of choose and buy what principle is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on the brunei.
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