What are the ceramic tile stick method

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-28
When it comes to ceramic tile, in addition to choose ceramic tile more troublesome, choose ceramic tile to stick method is also a need to deliberate thing, this small make up is a simple introduction to market what are the more common method of ceramic tile stick, I hope it can help you! ( Ceramic tile stick method) 1, the method of ceramic tile stick & ndash; — Dry, the ceramic tile shop we say at ordinary times dry paved way is using the shop is stuck in ceramic tile layer of cement mortar, cement mortar is in a state of loose zhi, scattered. Then we put the paving in the cement mortar lay flat on the ground, can lay tiles directly on the paving layer of cement mortar. Concrete paving methods have poured plasma method and ceramic tile back pulp of the two methods. 2, ceramic tile stick method & ndash; — Post the we say at ordinary times of wet wet, actually, the method of the ceramic tile of metope stick with us is the same. Before the shop is stuck on the ground with a stir into paste slurry layer of cement mortar, and then lay tiles directly on top of this layer of cement mortar. Also use rubber hammer type of the shop is stuck tools, knocked real prison is completed the shop is stuck. 3, ceramic tile stick & ndash; — Using special ceramic tile adhesive to shop sticks ceramic tile ground shop in addition to the dry and wet pave the way, and the use of ceramic tile adhesive, the first is to shop sticks ceramic tile of metope, ceramic tile to prevent loss. For the ground shop sticks ceramic tile, also can be used. But in indoor use ceramic tile adhesive spread stick the ceramic tile of the ground utilization rate is not high, because it does exist its own drawbacks. 4, ceramic tile stick & ndash; — Method of aerial aerial shop sticks ceramic tile, ceramic tile is for special custom make. Because the shop is stuck is using keel raised the shop is stuck, so will not appear empty drum even cracking problem. But also high to the requirement of ceramic tile, and raised after the following can't sweep. So, if we choose our overhead, must consider to be clear about. It is in this issue of ceramic tile stick method you need to know some relevant content, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile decoration related content welcome continue to pay attention to our European brunei's official website! Finally thank you for watching! The next issue we goodbye! ( Ceramic tile stick method)
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