What are the characteristics and advantages of archaize brick?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-06
Archaize tile breed of design and color is more, complete specifications, 900 * 800 * 450 and 800, more is 600 * 600, but also suitable for hutch defends areas such as the use of small specifications of brick, is said to be a fit of polishing brick and tile. Dermatoglyph of archaize tile, rock, wood, etc. Series, looks and material are very similar, is genuine, many of which are the brick, not just on the glaze. From a practical point of view, public places, people, use frequency is high, the polishing brick 2 - 3 years almost dark ugly, archaize brick and just when the shop is stuck is still the same. And from a practical point of view, the shop is stuck is archaize brick personalization, according to the design and color design, can be personalized. Abroad use archaize brick is far greater than polishing brick is presented. Polishing tile almost impossible to do this. After polishing brick surface is smooth, almost all solve the problem of no skid, archaize brick is just to solve this problem. So public, archaize brick practicability, stepping up the elderly and children slipped into consideration in the family are also gradually increase. Polishing brick in a foreign country is considered to be one of the big light source, the archaize brick is almost inferior smooth, does not exist the problem. This is similar to transparent glass bulb and frosted bulb contrast effect. Anti-fouling, good polishing brick 2 - again Surface has lately pollution is serious, 3 years in almost five years, must be renovated and the shop is stuck. Archaize brick is almost no such problem. From the bibulous rate, archaize brick is original porcelain glazed pottery, porcelain bottom itself and polishing brick, there is no difference, difference is just on the whiteness and may throw the formula, so the body bibulous rate can reach 0. About 1%, and there is no difference between polishing brick, but it was completely different two brick surface, archaize brick surface water (never Fouling) 。 Glazed tile appearance, archaize brick more than beautiful, color variety. At the same time also is not easy to stain, but the low density of ceramic tile, not durable, also don't wear. After years of use of time, will be no gloss on the surface of the ceramic tile, the archaize brick to make up for the disadvantages of glazed tile, the intensity is high, also very wear-resisting, using long, ceramic tile surface is still like new. Archaize brick material product itself, in fact and glazed tile, polishing brick is the same. Ceramic tile is in the process of production, only used different process and technology, make different changes have taken place in the performance of the product, to adapt to different decorate a space use. But the archaize brick performance edge on polishing brick, archaize brick bibulous rate is zero, the surface will not stain. About the ceramic tile of the pollution problem, because the archaize brick in production, adopted the dumb light cast on the surface, let household use of space, away from light pollution. At the same time, in use process, archaize brick surface not with all kinds of stains, and polishing brick in use after a period of time, protective wax on the surface of the membrane, has dark yellow. Stain suction porcelain face at the same time, the serious influence the ground of the beautiful, so using a few years later, it needs to be the shop is stuck. Archaize brick product design and color is rich, can not only meet the demand of different decorate the user's home outfit, undertake personalized design shop is stuck, and the price is more affordable than other ceramic tile, cost-effective, personalized, let household space decorate a different visual experience feeling, this is the charm of archaize brick. Archaize brick size a variety of, can satisfy different space laid area, such as hutch defends a small space, sitting room space decoration, etc. And archaize brick surface texture is diversiform, stone material such as wood grain, grain, etc. , to life, can let whole space decorate tall moment. Contact: miss Sue contact number: 18680030677 ( With WeChat) Company address: foshan city zen JiHua four-way meaning beautiful home sanitary ceramics 14-1 in the world 15,
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