What are the high-end brand ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-01
With what kind of ceramic tile, basically is to see you I like the style and the overall design house. For the owner has a high demand on the quality of life, on the choice of tile usually select high-end brand ceramic tile, today small make up to introduce a few domestic well-known brand of high-end ceramic tile. ( High-end brand ceramic tile) 1, Marco Polo is very famous in the ceramic tile industry, is the famous trademarks of guangdong province, China famous brand, the brand is the most price brand 500 Marco Polo, belonging to guangdong Marco Polo ceramics co. , LTD. Brand awareness is very high, is very popular with the market. 2, east east peng peng ceramic tile has a high visibility, a lot of people will take the initiative to understand before the ceramic tile of choose and buy information dongpeng ceramic tile, east peng company have professional production line, is very big, in the product design and development of ceramic tile is not new technology products, but it still has a lot of innovation, the lens will do very well in this respect. 3, Nobel Prize Nobel is a high and new technology enterprise of zhejiang province, hangzhou famous trademarks, publicity, except in zhejiang, the Nobel ceramic tile also to the country, even to enter the international market, expanding sales network, occupy a certain market share. 4, coronal bead bead is famous trademarks of guangdong province, China's 500 most price brand, belongs to the all new pearl ceramics group co. , LTD, after years of struggle, crown beads have created their own a piece of heaven and earth, in the ceramic tile industry, bead has become the industry leading brand, leading the development of the industry. 5, the Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa is the Mona Lisa ceramic co. , LTD. , a subsidiary of guangdong brand, the company is a key national high-tech enterprise, guangdong famous brand, has a certain position and prestige in the ceramics; In 2016, after the actual investigation, the Mona Lisa is still in the strength of strong ten big brand list, lasted for ten big brands achievements. Above is small make up learned some high-quality high-end brand ceramic tile, in no particular order, hope to have the demand of owner to offer to help. ( High-end brand ceramic tile)
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