What are the precautions for the kitchen ceramic tile shop sticks?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-27
1, ceramic tile shop sticks ceramic tile in the kitchen to do budget before the shop is stuck, the first job is, of course, make ceramic tile budget, although the decoration companies, construction team will inform the owner about dosage, but as the buying behavior of direct action or owner, so the owner must pay attention to decorate a company to whether any dosage of ceramic tile, the determined dosage is also can't take a number of 'about', and building materials stores will also help you to accounting again. 4 m tall, some families spread on ceiling. Residents can calculate the area of the ceramic tile inside the kitchen, the number of experienced workers and even can be calculated by the height and width of metope ceramic tile of consumption. 3, with good color before making the kitchen ceramic tile shop sticks ceramic tile, also need to choose good money color ceramic tile, in most cases, the kitchen floor tile and wall tile has a good, if want to buy separately, to pay attention to whether cooperation between money color, design and color of ceramic tile itself, also want to consider to buy what color of ambry, generally plain coloured tiles can consider collocation bright cabinets. In a common family in choosing a kitchen ceramic tile more inclined to choose light color ceramic tile, this may be due to the current average household main small family commodity house is given priority to, to buy this type house kitchen is generally not very big, and light color ceramic tile has the effect of enlarge eye shot, appear the kitchen not so depressed.
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