What are the role anion ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-26
At this stage, the ceramic tile industry products and technology more mature, it is not easy to develop breakthrough technology. Negative oxygen ion product is a new trend of products, not only on product use, design and color texture, space collocation, had the new breakthrough in such aspects as product performance. Anion is he with anion functional ceramic tile ceramic tile, mainly in green, health, the concept of sustainability. As is known to all, negative oxygen ion is in the air with a negative ion powder gas ion, he has bacteriostatic bactericidal effect and dust removal in addition to the peculiar smell, improve body immunity function, improve heart function, and has a positive charge in the functional, also can purify the air, reduce the development of science and technology human body radiation harm to people. 8 f101 - Negative ion ceramic tile - The effect of negative oxygen ion 800 * 800 ceramic tile: 1. Anion emitting negative ions: when after ceramic tile and come into contact with the water molecules in the air, can make into negative ions and hydrogen electrolysis of weak electrolyte. Over time that a weak electrolyte effect continuously, thus constantly emitting negative ions, with the continuous accumulation, the room anion density will be relatively stable level. 2. Remove haze: the root causes of fog is not just about very outdoor environmental pollution, indoor actually have hidden in the 'invisible killer'. By itself in the negative ion ceramic tile extra negative charge exchange with fly ash, change its properties of physics, the fugitive dust with different electrical charges between adsorption, sedimentation to the ground, and to be able to melt. Back into fresh indoor environment, shaping forest home 'the garden of Eden'. 8 f103 - Negative ion ceramic tile - 800 * 8003. Removal of formaldehyde: room pollution sources ( Furniture, plate, paint, glue, etc. ) Will continuously send out a mineral acid formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other harmful substances. Anion ceramic tile is constantly release negative ions through decomposition, the degradation of formaldehyde. After a week in using anion ceramic tile, the harmful material such as formaldehyde degradation rate is above 80%, and continued to maintain indoor air fresh. 4. Odor elimination, negative ion ceramic tile can also release the negative oxygen ion and indoor harmful material of positive charge of the electrolysis, reasonable and effective elimination quickly in the peculiar smell in the air. Cryotherapy principle and air freshener cover short-term effect on the market and the entities have different side effects, it would not exist secondary pollution of the environment. 5. Purify air, negative ion ceramic tile release negative ions adsorption and oxidation, can quickly kill bacteria, viruses and other various microorganisms in the air, is an ideal method of indoor air purification. 6. Health care keeping in good health, negative oxygen ion called as 'vitamin' in the air. Rich in more air anion, can promote human body immunity function, improve their physical and mental health, good for health. 8 f216 - Negative ion ceramic tile - 800 * 800 overland ceramics design is numerous, as a private enterprise with fifteen years ceramic tile production and operation of ceramic tile manufacturers - Overland ceramics. Have been continuously introduce new ceramic tile, and reliable quality, reasonable price, so has the size of the engineering across the world, domestic outfit orders, no wonder ~! Overland fifteen years has always followed the fashion constantly progress, launch all kinds of new style for you.
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