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What are the selling points of tiles

What are the selling points of tiles


    What are the selling points of tiles generally? With the widespread acceptance and widespread use of ceramic tiles in the market, some owners and friends want to discuss with what are the selling points of wholesale ceramic tile? Why is there such a wide choice of consumers. Let's understand the content of this issue together.

    The main features of ceramic tiles are as follows:

1. 0 water ripple:

    Using industry-leading secondary firing super crystal technology, ds crystallized glaze multiple application process, 1180 degrees high temperature and constant temperature secondary firing, completely eliminates the generation of water ripples, the product is harder and flatter, and the surface presents a perfect mirror effect. Shining and moving like a diamond, giving a noble and luxurious visual experience.

2. 0 suction pollution:

    The mature second-fired super crystal technology makes the diamond base harder, more stable in physical properties, and less likely to absorb dirt. The ds crystal glaze is applied multiple times to effectively reduce the invasion of stains. The unique 360-degree glaze sealing technology makes the product 360-degree anti-fouling, and completely eliminates the phenomenon of product absorption. No matter how long it is used, the style will remain.

3. Super wear resistance:

    The super abrasion resistance of diamond glaze diamond is due to its unique ds crystallized glaze multiple application process. The special crystallized glaze layer is thicker and more wear-resistant than the ordinary glaze layer. It is no longer afraid of household scratches and sand. Li polished flowers. After the trial, it will always keep the same as when you first started.

4. High brightness:

    Diamond glaze diamond adopts ds crystallized glaze with better crystallinity and light transmittance to apply glaze multiple times to make the product obtain higher brightness. The surface brightness is above 103, which is flat and luminous like a mirror, shining like a diamond, and brilliant, not only makes the application space appear brighter and spacious, but also adds a noble and luxurious feeling.

    Generally, there are five types of common ceramic tiles on the market: vitrified tiles, glazed tiles, full-body tiles, polished tiles and ceramic mosaic tiles.

    (1) Glazed tiles, which are made of pottery clay or porcelain clay and fired with glaze. They are mainly used to decorate the walls of bathrooms, kitchens, kitchens and closed balconies.

    (2) Whole body bricks, this kind of bricks are not glazed, and the surface is polished after firing, with patterns on the inside and outside. They are widely used on the ground of decoration projects such as halls, aisles and outdoor walkways.

    (3) Vitrified tiles, porcelain tiles fired at high temperature, with high hardness, mainly used for floor paving.

    (4) Polished tiles are made of polished full body tiles. They are thin and light but hard. They are suitable for use in most indoor spaces except toilets and kitchens.

    (5) Ceramic mosaic tiles: also known as mosaics, with many specifications, thin and small, hard texture, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, abrasion-resistant, impermeable to water, pressure-resistant, not easy to be broken, diverse colors, and versatile. It is often used for wall decoration in kitchens and bathrooms.

    The variety of varieties greatly increases the scope of its use. Therefore, the above characteristics make ceramic tiles more popular, and many aspects of it cannot be replaced by other materials.

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