What are the strengths and weaknesses of the ceramic tile decorated metope

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-30
One advantage, 1, use it to decorate words will make the class look du to improve a lot, and there are more than graphics can choose yours, also can choose according to their own favorite style ceramic tile background wall graphics, such as local style, the style of Europe and the United States, the mainstream style, and so on. 2, because the production process is conducted on ceramic tile design roast or carving out and then get the color, so it seems that vision is a big enjoyment, basically won't change color, moistureproof, not like the wallpaper of use soon damp characteristic. That is very important by 3, but also because is made according to your personality, can decorate according to your requirements and to make the actual size, so near you say most of the region is unique. 4, use ceramic tile setting wall as the sitting room to decorate, can reflect master art taste and self-restraint, so how to select the TV setting wall as well as the material is very important, and TV setting wall ceramic tile can solve this problem. 6 5, sound insulation, heat insulation, protection of metope, cut off poisonous gases. 7, security, not easy to damage. 8, construction is convenient. 9, easy to clean, you just need to with water and dry cloth. Second, the disadvantages 1, the price is not cheap it, some of the store on the ground could sell hundreds or even thousands of yuan a square. 2, if it is a custom, need 10 days after purchase to see ceramic tile background wall.
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