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What are the tips for selecting ceramic tiles?

What are the tips for selecting ceramic tiles?


In the living room, in the bathroom, in the balcony, in the bedroom, in the kitchen... the purchase of tiles is also different in different places. Ceramic tile is an indispensable material in home decoration. It has many advantages such as waterproof, long life, wear resistance, etc., and is very popular among people. Everyone likes different styles of tiles. Of course, they are also different. Here are some tips for selecting tiles by ceramic tile manufacturer.

Tips for choosing ceramic tiles

1. The quality of ceramic tiles is the key

When choosing floor tiles, the types, colors, specifications and models are very important, but the quality is still the first, especially for functional home spaces, such as bathrooms, kitchens and floors that are often stepped on. The quality of the tiles is related to the service life.

When buying wholesale ceramic tile, be sure to pay attention to whether it is in compliance with the national green health standards and other signs or texts. Do not buy three-no ceramic tiles or fake and inferior products. If economic conditions permit, it is recommended to choose large-brand tiles for purchase. Some small manufacturers rely on lowering production costs to fight price wars. As everyone knows, ceramic tiles are things that will accompany you for many years. In order to save money on your wallet, you bought non-wearable ceramic tiles from a small manufacturer. After one year, the surface of the tiles was mottled, cracked and unsightly. The scary thing is that some small manufacturers produce products that are not environmentally friendly in order to reduce costs. These toxic substances on the walls and the ground threaten people's health every day. So go to the regular building materials market to buy branded tiles.

2. The hardness of the tiles must be high. 

When buying, you can take out two tiles and tap them lightly. If the sound of the tiles is crisp, with a little metallic sound, it indicates that it has good internal quality and high hardness; if the sound sounds If it is hoarse, then there is probably a crack in the brick.

3. Whether the tiles you bought are used in kitchen tiles, bathroom or living room

Ceramic tiles are mainly used in the living room, kitchen, bathroom wall and floor. Because the living environment of these places is very different. For example, the walls of the kitchen are often disturbed by oily smoke, so the wall tiles must have the characteristics of oil resistance and scrubbing resistance, and the grey bathroom floor tiles should have anti-slip function, and consider choosing tiles with low water absorption. Kitchen walls are often invaded by oily smoke, so wall tiles must be resistant to oil and scrubbing. Therefore, you must consider choosing kitchen tiles with low water absorption.

4. Determine whether the tiles meet the requirements according to the technical indicators

Abrasion resistance: the degree of matching (also called abrasion resistance) indicates the degree to which the tiles are easy to wear: Class I tiles have a low wear resistance rate, and are generally used for displays, walls and places with little activity; Class II tiles Mainly used in bathrooms, bedrooms, etc., where there is no hard friction; Ⅲ degree tiles are suitable for places with frequent personnel movement, such as living rooms, kitchens, etc.; Ⅳ degree tiles have high wear resistance and are used in the entrance halls, corridors and public places of luxury residences Suitable for. Degree V generally has super abrasion resistance and is used in non-family environments such as airports and stations.

5. Water absorption rate: 

Generally speaking, water-absorbing tiles have low density; tiles with low water absorption rate are generally denser. Generally choose tiles with low water absorption for walls and floors in damp spaces. Hardness: Take two tiles and tap lightly. If the sound of the brick is crisp, with a little metallic sound, it indicates that it has good internal quality and high hardness; if the sound is hoarse, there may be cracks in the brick.

What are the techniques for selecting ceramic tiles? There are many types of ceramic tiles and their uses are also different. The location of use is also very particular. A little carelessness may cause trouble for you, and even threaten your life due to a fall, especially the elderly people. Therefore, it is necessary to know the above-mentioned purchasing skills when purchasing, and not to regret your choice until something goes wrong. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to Overland Ceramics.

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