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What aspects should rustic floor tile be selected?

What aspects should rustic floor tile be selected?


Nowadays, there are indeed many modern antique tiles on the market. Most consumers will basically have more choices in the selection process, but to some extent, it is because of so many brands. So they don’t know how to choose. In fact, there are still many different standards when choosing.

Now the rustic floor tile investigates gloss

It is recommended that when choosing these rustic floor tile, you can definitely check the gloss according to the actual situation, so that you can effectively solve the problem of light pollution. It is also a very good selection criterion abroad. Generally speaking, modern The glossiness of antique tiles basically has its own production standards. If the glossiness is 8 to 20, this gloss is basically a soft light tile, and if it is 3 to 6, it is basically a matte tile with gloss. If the degree is below four, they are basically dull tiles.

The modern antique tiles inspects tile type indicators

In the entire process of rigorous screening of antique tiles, we must examine their indicators in various ways. Generally speaking, we must examine the actual production process of the entire antique tiles, look at its oxidation indicators, or Some other production processes, etc.

So why are the top brands of modern antique tiles so popular?

The rustic floor tile has basically become the most popular product in all pottery markets in real life. Of course, antique tile is actually a very good decoration material for many users, because They have many characteristics and can cater to the needs of consumers in today's era.

Now rustic floor tile basically have all the attributes of traditional antique tiles. In the modern Chinese tile manufacturing industry, they can also highlight their own characteristics very well. Even, China’s industrial design is gradually developing. In this case, the development of some of the country’s ceramic craftsmanship is also very mature, and the modern style of the entire antique tiles can also be better highlighted. Relatively speaking, such an industrial style can bring us absolute Sexual development model.

Compared with some traditional antique tiles, modern antique tiles have more personalized features, and can even bring us more simple and generous design styles, but they have randomness or diversity.

The colors of modern antique tiles will be richer, and they will have a better glaze effect. They are made with a variety of different formulas, and the entire mold can reach the extreme when it is used.

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