What category can be used as a ceramic tile floor tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-27
Whether to buy a house or building a new home, before the formal new house to live in dream, basically everyone will experience the test of decoration. The cycle is long, process that decorate, also involves a lot of professional knowledge of decoration and all kinds of building materials products, one round of categories is ceramic tile. There are a lot of the kinds of ceramic tile, including polished tile, glazed ceramic tiles, archaize brick, marble tiles, plates and so on. Along with the people environmental protection consciousness is more and more strong, become the choice of decoration in the spread stick ceramic tile. What kind of ceramic tile is not, however, can be used as floor tile. So, what kind of suitable for used as floor tile, ceramic tile of choose and buy what need to be aware of? Used as a floor tile body brick longer, because of the hard, has good skid resistance and wear resistance, also known as prevent slippery brick, wear-resisting brick, get the favour of floor tile market. The characteristics of body brick is glaze, the surface of the decorative pattern and internal texture, style of design and color is less, also do not have so high gloss. But overall, connect body brick price is very high. After connect body brick, polishing brick appeared to further enrich the category of floor tile. Production technology of polishing brick and the brick, so has a high stiffness and abrasion resistance. At the same time, the surface of the polishing brick also has carried on the fine polishing processing, glossiness is much higher. But polishing brick and therefore easier to produce in surface blowhole, antifouling performance not so good, not to bear or endure dirty, clean health is also a problem. The emergence of glazed ceramic tile, effectively make up for the polishing brick easy dirty, not easy to clean, but also further enhance the glossiness of ceramic tile surface. Glazed ceramic tile, understand from literal meaning is the glaze ceramic tile, has carried on the polishing on glaze at the same time, so as to achieve the higher brightness, the effect of the surface more smooth, in living in adornment is very show class, mainly used in high-grade decoration. But it also makes its stiffness and abrasion resistance and skid resistance decreases. Besides, there are also used as a floor tile with Mosaic. Mosaic, the bricks can be called a minimum specifications, main materials include ceramic and glass, colour is gorgeous, design is rich, small and exquisite, at the same time in terms of acid and alkali resistance, waterproof performance. Mosaic, however, the thickness of the thinner, the bearing capacity and stress aspects in weaker. In addition, the Mosaic because the specification is very small, large area of the shop is stuck points minutes crazy dense phobia. Anyhow, decorative tile ceramic tile types and many, further in accordance with the category division, segment can contain marble tile, king kong glaze, archaize brick, etc. , basically see ceramic tile in bearing, wear-resisting, anti-fouling, dirty the four aspects of performance.
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