What choose ceramic tile how to choose

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-11
For many owners, choose the ceramic tile of toilet on it at all, after all, toilet, the ceramic tile of choose and general house prices have differences, not colorful can settle, and antiskid waterproof must reach the designated position, this small make up to make a brief introduction of toilet should choose what kind of ceramic tile is the best, I hope it can help you! ( What choose ceramic tile) 1, choose the color of ceramic tile bathroom toilet when choosing ceramic tile must observe first your toilet is what kind of decoration, like a small area of the toilet is suitable for the ceramic tile of choose a few light color fastens, can let a space have a bright and spacious visual effect, or choose the vitrified tile, enlarge a space visual effect. If it is a medium size of the ceramic tile of toilet can choose warm color to move, and, of course, if you like to personalize some choose cool color to move. If it is a large area of the ceramic tile of toilet can choose brunet department with some light waist line more honourable atmosphere. 2. Of the specifications of the bathroom tiles selection area of toilet is limited, so for the size of ceramic tile is also have certain requirements, not only the space is little, the corner too much, so it's best to choose the ceramic tile of smaller. Even the toilet also cannot use specifications with larger area of floor tile, the cutting can cause waste, also the inconvenience ground leveling, not casual floor drain, etc. Common bathroom floor tile specifications for 300 mm * 300 mm, 330 * 330 mm. 3. Toilet is ceramic tile is bibulous rate choice in general the moisture content in the kitchen and toilet is bigger, so water must enough, this is very critical for the water absorption of ceramic tile choice, choose the ceramic tile with low bibulous rate is better, it is easy to dry, not affected by damp. 4. Toilet ceramic tile choice must be resistant to wear dirty toilet is a frequently used, easy dirty places, so want to choose a few abrasion resistance, resistance to dirty good ceramic tile, this can be from ceramic tile glaze layer thick to identify resistance to dirty, if ceramic tile glazing, tile surface easy to hide the dirt, difficult to clean up, and spread the tile surface porosity water vapor absorption can't, there will be a mold. Also can scrape tile surface, with good thing for a judge to wear scratches. This is some regular toilet choose what the some related contents of ceramic tile, ceramic tile choice if you still want to learn more about the content, welcome to continue to focus on our European brunei's official website! Finally thank you for watching! The next issue we goodbye! ( What choose ceramic tile)
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