What circumstances when ceramic tile shop is stuck, construction master need to rework?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-11
Home decoration, although please the professional construction master, but the owners themselves also keen, going a bit more site, check the detail also. Especially when ceramic tile shop is stuck, easy because impatient for success, devotion to the construction speed, and neglected the construction quality, so it's best can go to the scene to see, if there is the shop is stuck not in place, can timely communication, timely correction, avoid to cause a greater loss and influence. So, when the shop is stuck ceramic tile, may appear what problem? What circumstance, can let the construction master rework? Problem a: & other; Seamless & throughout; When the shop is stuck under normal circumstances, the ceramic tile shop sticks have to set aside a certain gap. Also, the seam is not too big, also cannot too small, usually within 2 ㎜. In addition, the metope ceramic tile to seam is bigger than ceramic tile ground zero. 5㎜- 1 ㎜, brick, art and culture or archaize brick is bigger than other ceramic tile and some seam. The aim, main is to prevent when indoor temperature, ceramic tile is due to the heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon and expansion, mutual extrusion deformation, result in the crack of the ceramic tile ground, metope empty drum ceramic tile fall off. Problem two: the seam not neat, in fact, if there is no seam is ceramic tile when the shop is stuck, or leave the gap size, can also cause between tile and ceramic tile juncture is not straight. In addition, the shop is stuck manual and specifications of ceramic tile itself insufficient standard, also can appear phenomenon of seam not neat. But, relatively, it does not affect the actual use, the main influence of the beautiful sex of the shop is stuck. Can according to the actual situation, consider processing, the problem is, you don't have to dig in. Question 3: empty drum ceramic tile empty drum phenomenon, is a common problem, is also has to attach importance to the problem. Because the empty drum ceramic tile, not only affect the beauty on the vision, will leave home security hidden danger. However, many factors can lead to an empty drum ceramic tile. Check whether any empty drum ceramic tile, can use a hammer to place of ceramic tile four corners and center, knock gently, listen to the voice ringing or dull. In case of an empty drum ceramic tile must communicate and construction master first, find the problem, then & other; Suit the remedy to the case & throughout; , the ceramic tile of broken have problems timely, the shop is stuck again. Problem four: pipe late for home safety and convenient maintenance, decoration shop sticks ceramic tile, where the gas pipeline to open hole, the reserved apertures, not all covered with, seal now. If all blocked, one thousand gas leakage, and quite a trouble to repair. Introduces the ceramic tile shop is stuck, construction master need to rework the common problems. The owners or want to find and solve problems in a timely manner.
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