What is a good color ceramic tile of toilet

by:Overland ceramics     2020-08-21
Toilet is the most secret place of the house, compared to the bedroom/living room, is unlikely to consider when decorating beautiful degree. But now many consumers more and more high to the requirement of the quality of life, what kind of ceramic tile good toilet? Many of the design of toilet color is rich, all sorts of color, what color of ceramic tile good toilet? Today, double color ceramic tile ceramic tile small make up by toilet rendering, to answer for you what is a good color ceramic tile of toilet? First, look at the color of ceramic tile of toilet - : ceramic tile to warm color department is warm color department is derived by the sun color color, give a person the sense with warm and soft. Pink, yellow and bright orange color on visual has certain stimulative effect, can make the person's mood is quickly feel shock and pleasant colors. They send out the color and lighting and bathroom tiles modelling, will help to create a comfortable environment. These bright colors will help close the distance between people. Second, the ceramic tile color - look at the toilet Cool color department: ceramic tile ceramic tile cool color department can deliver fresh, quiet and relaxed, have the effect of shrinkage on the vision. Cool color environment makes the person feels quiet and tastefully laid out and quiet, with light color can increase the pure and fresh and cool feeling, make the person feels more comfortable. In addition, the ceramic tile in the color is pure white and gray, black, earth tones. They can be applied to all kinds of visual adornment, can pass a gentle, bright, quiet and elegant. Neutral colors can enlarge a space on the vision, also can match any color. Black and white ash is the most commonly used three neutral colors. In the field of home design, color ceramic tile is an important category. No matter how 'color', you as long as you control the principle: 'you deep I shallow, you light my deep, you double I am single, are you single I double, I have you, sometimes-complex mix-and-match', can a one Hold it up! See the article recommended: sitting room is decorated use or polishing tile body tile is good
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