What is a negative ion ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-08
From a febrile anion ceramic tile ceramic tile to now, the trend of environmental protection is more and more obvious. At present, many ceramic enterprises are spare no effort to develop their own negative ion ceramic tile products. A, what is the anion anion ceramic tile ceramic tile is one of a kind of can release anion functional ceramic tile, its surface decoration effect and is no different from ordinary ceramic tile, but the product itself can produce beneficial to human body health anion. With the constant improvement of the negative ion ceramic tile production technology, the anion ceramic tile already can achieve on the ceramic tile in each category. Second, the function of the negative ion ceramic tile: 1, when negative ion ceramic tile, after contact with the water molecules in the air can make the electrolysis of ionization generates negative ions and hydrogen. As the ionization reactions occur repeatedly, and thus continue to release negative ions, through continuous accumulation, indoor anion concentrations in a relatively stable level 2, negative ion ceramic tile by ups with their extra negative charge exchange, to change its physical properties, make the fugitive dust with different charge and mutual adhesion, settling into the ground, and be able to melt. 3, indoor pollution sources: furniture, plate, paint, glue, etc. , will continue to release free formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other harmful gases. Negative ion ceramic tile sustained release of negative ions by electric decomposition, make its degradation. After a week in the negative ion ceramic tile, the harmful gas such as formaldehyde degradation rate above 80%, and can maintain indoor air fresh for a long time. 4, negative ion ceramic tile can continue to release anion and indoor harmful gas positively charged with electrolytic continuously, quickly eliminate peculiar smell in the air effectively. Cryotherapy principle and effect of the air freshener short-term cover on the market and some side effects have essential differences, there is no secondary pollution. 5, known as the air anion 'vitamin'. Medical research proof: air containing a higher proportion of negative ion, can improve human immunity, promote health of body and mind, comparison for beneficial to health.
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