What is called a full-bodied marble?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-17
Perfect marble tile, marble tile is a kind of, also is a kind of glazed ceramic tile ceramic tile, after polishing process just connect body to pay more attention to the ceramic tile ceramic tile marble tile shape, its principle is based on the marble tiles, originally and similar to ceramic tile surface texture combination of tile ceramic tile products. In addition, the present stage various traditional pure glaze marble tile products are already flooded, and came up with the perfect marble tiles is to inject new vitality has weak marble tile market, at the same time, also saved the marble tile this category product homogeneity is very serious. Perfect marble tile compared with traditional marble tile products, connect body marble tile advantage is the bricks made great improvements in products, traditional marble tile after cutting or edge grinding and chamfering directly exposed white body, from decorate effect doesn't seem that exposed white body is beautiful, and perfect marble solves the existing pure glaze ceramic tile marble tile slot and chamfering processing panty-less not beautiful technical problems, at the same time, enhance the three-dimensional texture of ceramic tile texture decoration. Perfect process and steps of marble tile production? 1, the porcelain tile body powder preparation: the deployment of a variety of color powder, spare; More than 2, press forming tube material: will step one variety of color powder filled in the form of multi-tube cloth tools and cavity pressure, pressure molding, molding after the body has a certain texture; 3, dry body: 180 ℃ drying green; 4: surface glaze, glaze sprinkling way to pour glaze, the surface of the body to control the glaze slurry density is 1. 8 g/cm3, 0 in thickness. 5毫米; 5, tile glaze surface after drying: for the surface of glaze tile with 80 ℃ drying temperature, drying time control in 20 min; 6, surface of ink jet printing: with jet printer on tile surface pattern painting, to achieve more tube suppressed after burning body fabric texture quality of a material and ink painting surface color, texture close to the surface of the design, the surface of the ink layer thickness control in 0. 3 ~ 1毫米; 7, sintering: inkjet printing after the porcelain tile body with not less than the temperature above 1200 ℃ high temperature calcination, firing cycle control at 70 min, after high temperature calcination is a kind of porcelain tiles semi-finished products have full-bodied texture and texture; 8, edge grinding, using conventional edge grinding processing equipment to edge grinding processing of semi-finished products tile, is a natural has full-bodied texture and texture on the surface of the ceramic brick. The advantages of perfect marble tiles? Perfect marble tile in ceramic tile body close to the reduction of natural stone material layers qualitative effect on depth, texture and texture appear stronger; Multi-tube fabric technology, from the depth of the body to do surface glaze layer, the whole brick from any Angle and any cutting method can achieve perfect texture rendering, do real texture component; Perfect marble tile products through high tonnage press forming and high temperature firing, adobe is more exquisite, performance and higher quality.
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