What is ceramic tile setting wall brick steps

by:Overland ceramics     2020-10-02
For the sake of personal safety protection, safe streets, and the outer wall of ceramic tile have been disabled nowadays, because of the fall off if the shop is stuck not appropriate leads to ceramic tile ceramic tile, so the ceramic tile of family background wall will fall off easily? In order to avoid this kind of phenomenon, in the shop sticks ceramic tile setting wall will need to be very slow, so the brunei small make up this will give you introduce ceramic tile setting wall tile steps is what? 1, according to the numbering sequence shop sticks ceramic tile background wall: usually setting wall is composed of a number of ceramic tile, Numbers are marked on the back, according to the setting wall of have the full figure and separation, the whole picture before the shop is stuck is spelled, labeled according to the order to avoid post error; Adhesive tile wall of setting of 2, the use of building materials: due to the special porcelain material, Portland cement is not suitable for the shop is stuck, suggest using adhesive of assured quality building materials; Ceramic tile background wall: 3, from the bottom to porcelain plate should be from the bottom to stick, the first shop is stuck at the bottom of the porcelain plate, if there is no support to juggle, should be in the shop is stuck adhesive with object before solidification supports it; 4 hole, burnish of ceramic tile setting wall is broken: for polishing, please don't too hard and need to open hole, had better choose glass drilling bit, other bit easy to cause damage, that can be screwed too tight will cause burst; Setting wall ceramic tile shop sticks steps what is introduced here, if ceramic tile setting wall loss will lead to the overall effect looks broken family, so I hope everyone can pay more attention when ceramic tile is setting wall tile and later maintenance.
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