What is ceramic tile shop sticks tips

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-25
Ceramic tile is indispensable for a lot of home decoration materials, commonly used and metope and ground shop is stuck, fine texture, has played a very good adornment effect, in addition to the quality of ceramic tile itself, also need to pay attention to how to put up a good ceramic tile, in the case of empty drum ceramic tile also needs to control, the following is what is ceramic tile tile tip for you, let it be better to decorate. A floor, ceramic tile tip 1, space, separated from the shop is stuck to the tile shop sticks process, different space to separate the shop is stuck, can reduce the number of ceramic tile cutting, reduce the loss of the ceramic tile, especially for the first piece of ceramic tile to stick good, determine the front space of the shop is stuck next integrity. 2, ceramic tile in general according to different space, the shop is stuck order should begin with the sitting room, outside-in, gradually subsided into each space from the inside of the door began to stick, then gathered up ceramic tile, best posted so the overall effect is very good, if from the inside out, also can prevent stick the stampede out of the empty drum phenomenon. 2, 1, prevent the empty drum ceramic tile cement sand qualified in the process of shop sticks ceramic tile, cement sand to be qualified, good cement sand can increase the viscosity, in the process of ceramic tile shop is stuck, can make sure ceramic tile can stable, and can avoid empty drum. 2's ceramic tile, ceramic tile soak thoroughly, can absorb the moisture, make ceramic tile gap to a great extent in advance can avoid empty drum phenomenon occurred after ceramic tile shop is stuck, at the same time also can prevent the crack of ceramic tile, increase tile loss waste phenomenon. What is ceramic tile shop sticks tip is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on the brunei.
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