What is culture stone?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-17
Culture stone is divided into natural culture stone and artificial culture stone, texture hard, color bright, rich texture, whether natural or artificial, shape and texture are relatively superior, maintain the original rock of natural style, and itself durable stain resistant, easy to clean, so loved by everyone. A larger culture stone hardness and hardness is big, the quality of a material is a hard, has the very good abrasion resistance and pressure characteristics, at the same time also not easy to be scratched, so used to do the bottom, already beautiful practical. Second, the resistance to water of culture stone itself better waterproof and moisture resistance, compared with other materials, culture stone water resistant, resistant to moisture, so don't need to worry too much mildew and moisture of the problem. Three are abundant and unique, beautiful natural culture stone surface decorative pattern, made of pure natural raw materials of texture is strong, not only beautiful, decorate a villa or outdoor building natural, given the simple and lasting appeal, raise the decorate class. And the decorative pattern of culture stone and a variety of color, can according to your favorite style to use, but also gives you more choice. Four, bibulous rate is low culture stone bibulous rate is low, has a good waterproof properties, and it itself is to belong to stain resistant properties, if dirty, it is ok to use dishcloth, easy to clean, beautiful and practical. And because the bibulous rate is low, the dirt on the surface of the culture stone will not into the interior, make the culture stone is not easy coloring and dyeing, which can keep the fresh color and luster. Culture stone is commonly used in the following three aspects: curtilage external wall decoration: villas, row houses, apartment landscape leisure facilities: golf courses, arts building walls, holiday village, playgrounds, parks, gardens, villages clubs within the chamber and the home outfit: fireplace sets, TV setting wall, such as aisle walls
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