What is the cause of the empty drum ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-10-04
After decorating ceramic tile shop is stuck, empty drum ceramic tile fall off is a very common problem, due to the different material ceramic tile water imbibition is very different, in order to more effectively avoid the happening of this kind of situation, so choose ceramic tile adhesive instead of the traditional cement mortar, so what is the cause of the empty drum ceramic tile? 1, cracking of cement mortar screed-coat metope empty drum using adhesive tiles, metope should do leveling processing in advance, because the thickness of the bonding agent only about 5 mm, the roughness of metope to adjust in the basic level processing in place. The leveling layer because the original metope waterproof and root out clean, sometimes unreasonable ratio of cement mortar, plaster after curing, a reason such as empty drum cracking. Should be inspected carefully before they are in the tile, there was a problem first rectification of qualified, should be inspected carefully before they are in the tile, there was a problem first rectification of qualified, the tile, to avoid more trouble later. 2 add other materials due to the nature of bonding agent, binder, than the traditional cement mortar is more sticky, when construction, individual workers may feel a little cement to better batch, actually this kind of practice, destroyed the bonding agent ratio of materials, greatly reduces the stick relay and service life, may find it's not a problem at that time, but after a long period of time, will produce empty drum and fall off. 3, did not use thin stick adhesion method construction viscosity is very big, contraction force is very strong, & other; Thick stick method & throughout; Thickness is large, air in the bonding surface cannot be completely ruled out, contact can not meet the requirements, the consequences light empty drum ceramic tile, or tile surface cracking, tile fall off. 4 material be affected with damp be affected with damp, metamorphic dope is usually packed in breathable paper or nylon powder in the bag. Decorate the scene because other construction water, get wet in the rain, get damp, it is easy to cause ceramic tile adhesive be affected with damp be affected with damp under water. 5 make use of general family expenses, ceramic tile adhesive, only for the use of interior decoration. Individual customers requiring workers to outdoor wall, or outdoor pool using dope stickup ceramic tile. These locations susceptible to high temperature exposure, such as low temperature freezing, tile surface cracking, empty drum, loss. What is the cause of the empty drum ceramic tile is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on the brunei.
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