What is the difference between engineering use ceramic tile and home use ceramic tile?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-14
What is the difference between engineering use ceramic tile and home use ceramic tile? If no difference, if only to buy the same engineering ceramic tile price is cheaper, more, manufacturing methods almost no difference, if anything won't be quality reasons: 1, the main difference because it is a retail, wholesale. Families will have color difference in different batches of the ceramic tile, and engineering special bricks are the same batch, there would be no color difference. 2, use of engineering ceramic tile are specially provided to the construction of the project, there are two kinds of indoor and outdoor tile tile, brick, such as outdoor square floor tile, interior tile, such as large-scale engineering construction such as shopping malls, hotels, Banks, building unified use of the same type of ceramic tile, etc. Due to the engineering ceramic tile using a purchase quantity, so the price is relatively will be much cheaper than ceramic tile family. 3, project the size of the outdoor tiles are generally larger than the size of the indoor family use, and pay more attention to prevent slippery, crack than appearance.
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