What is the difference between wall brick and floor tile?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-23
1, use wall tile and floor tile are used for indoor decoration, protection and beautification effect. Difference, interior wall decoration indoor metope tile, to avoid damage, or splashing water pollution; Also called floor tile, floor tile is mainly used to decorate the ground, build the bedroom environment bright and clean bright beautiful. 2, process characteristics of wall brick for the glazed pottery, consists of three parts, body, glaze layer, the surface layer. A variety of floor tile with clay fire and into, specifications. According to the material can be divided into the glazed pottery, brick ( Prevent slippery brick) , polishing brick, bo changes a brick, etc. 3, physical properties, wall brick belongs to fictile, floor tile is porcelain goods normally, there is a big difference, the different in both from choose clay burden to the fire craft can be reflected. 4, water absorption wall brick from the material, it belongs to fictile, bibulous rate is around 10%. It belongs to the ceramic floor tile, bibulous rate is about 1%.
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