What is the waist line? What is the role?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-28
Waist line, the main 'refers to a method of decoration of building is decorated commonly in the construction of horizontal lines on metope, on the outside walls are usually in up and down along the window, made a long horizontal belt, reach the role of decoration. Waist line is one of the household adornment line, can play the role of aesthetics in decorating, also can highlight or line is set on the wall. The use of the waist line generally calculated on line centerline with the factor, from the usage of space was made on the circumference of the waist line, also may carry on the waist line and custom to metope adornment. General household adornment use waist waist line mainly lumbar line brick of pottery and porcelain and resin material is given priority to, waist line of resin has very strong relief effect, suitable for European style of home decoration. In living in adornment, waist line and flowers are inseparable, waist line and the flower piece can make the space out, become rich, but, if only one, without transition, the whole decoration also can appear abrupt. Besides, waist line and the metal material and the type of PS foam materials, the two kinds of main applications and large high-grade building is decorated in, such as hotels, shopping malls, clubs, and other metal waist line more atmosphere and the grade that can reflect the whole building. Waist line in addition to being able to play on the space of the effect that make the finishing point, can properly reflect the life of the residents personality, quality grade and life interest. Waist line is one of the architectural decoration, horizontal lines, generally refers to the building walls on the outside walls are usually in the up and down along the window ( Can also be in other place) Will take 60 x 120 mm brick, made a long horizontal belt, the main decorative. This in some of the earlier decoration simple construction often can be seen. Buildings and in this way, but some of them are decorated with different material or different color to make lumbar line, on the metope of toilet with different design and color of ceramic tile ( Special waist tiles) Put a circle horizontal lines, also known as the waist line. Lumbar line brick is printing brick more, it is more colorful and lovely elegant design decorative pattern, in order to fit the specifications of the lumbar line tile wall tile as the 6 cm high, 20 centimeters wide, the dimension of its role as a beautiful belt, around in the middle of the wall brick, grace for the drab metope, change the atmosphere of the space. Now waist line can do photo level design: using the universal flat-panel printers ( Waist line printing machine) , [ 1] Like the pictures, print to ceramic tile, decorative materials, such as wood, realize the personalized decoration design, size, color.
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