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What kind of ceramic tiles are used in the living room?

What kind of ceramic tiles are used in the living room?


After more than a year of waiting, the house is going to be closed, and the developer has been fighting for more than a week, and finally solved various problems and can be delivered smoothly. Because I bought a rough house, from hard to soft, then I have to find a decoration company for decoration. However, the decoration is no small matter. When I think of going to buy a variety of building materials, I have a headache when I face the construction technology and acceptance that I have never been exposed to. Just searching and viewing the knowledge related to ceramic tiles wholesale has been dazzling. .

What kind of ceramic tiles are used in the living room?

Although from the moment I bought the house, I also learned about the types, selection and installation of tiles, acceptance and other information through the Internet, relatives and friends. However, when it's really time to practice, it's still inevitable that I'm confused and I don't know where to start. For example, just like whether the living room floor tiles should use polished glazed tiles or polished tiles, each has its own argument. What should I do at this time? What is the difference between glazed polished tiles and polished tiles, what should I pay attention to when buying?

Although the names of glazed polished tiles and polished tiles look similar, don't confuse them. They have a big difference from appearance to performance.

In this era of looking at faces, the living room serves as the "facade" for receiving friends and family at home. Of course, the selection of tiles also depends on the face value. Then, we can first compare the appearance of polished tiles and polished tiles. Under normal circumstances, the polished glazed tiles have a high gloss, which can reach more than 80°, the surface is smooth and bright, and the colors are rich, the patterns and patterns are varied, and the patterns and textures are delicate and exquisite. The gloss of the polished tiles is generally maintained at a moderate level, that is, about 50°. The surface of the tiles is unpretentious, slightly rough, and low-key, but its pattern is the same, and the deep cutting will not affect the decorative effect. In this way, in terms of the appearance of decorative effects, polished glazed bricks are more suitable for creating an atmosphere of luxury or fashion and light luxury, while polished tiles are more suitable for shaping a low-key luxury or simple and natural home style.

In addition to aesthetics, it also depends on practical performance and service life. If it is used as an ordinary floor tile, the hardness and wear resistance of the ceramic tile must be considered. In this respect, the polished tile obviously has an advantage. However, it also depends on whether it is resistant to dirt, dirt, moisture, and water, and whether it is easy to perform hygiene. In this respect, glazed polished tiles are more advantageous. Therefore, it is difficult to simply judge whether the glazed polished tiles are more practical or polished tiles, and should be reasonably designed and applied in combination with the actual use space. In addition, from the point of view of cost performance, glazed polished bricks are more expensive. If you need to spread large areas in the living room, the cost is relatively high.

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