What kind of packing is provided for cement porcelain tile ?
The packing materials for porcelain tile prove to be reliable in protecting the external structure of the product. Normally, we use more than one packing material, and some of them are adopted to cover the surface to insult from moisture and water. This kind of material mainly includes bubble papers, membranes, and plastic wrap. In addition, there will be wooden or plastic boxes prepared to avoid the impact of collisions and bumps. Through the packing, we ensure the product completeness and no damage during the shipment.

Guangdong Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd has specialized in floor tiles production for many years. We take pride in our accomplishment and progress in this field. Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the business of cement tile and other product series. Strong R&D capability: Overland grey kitchen workshop is carefully developed by a team of dedicated professionals. In addition to that, a lot of money has been invested to improve the R&D strength. It is cut to produce a sharp, precise edge with a flat surface. The product is highly antibacterial. Its smooth surface lowers the available sites that bacteria are able to adhere to and reduces the amount of bacteria growth. It is suitable for residential and commercial floor and wall applications.

We incorporate sustainable development into our business model. We believe it will impact our business by improving the company image, building the brand and motivating us as a business owner.
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