What material villa decorates metope is better?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-01
Villa wall decoration according to different area with different materials and is suitable to use ceramic tile, the wall of the hall room wallpaper is used more appropriate. Villa decoration items have the following: 1, villa decoration at the time of design must pay attention to the structure of the reasonable use. Local details of the design is show master individual character and the symbol of elegant life interest. Under the reasonable layout focuses on the performance of the facade, pay attention to the use of glass, stone material and texture, paint to create the bedroom environment of modern leisure. 2, in the process of the design of the villa, the designer to consider the use function of the whole space is reasonable, in this, on this basis to create elegant and novel design, because some irrationality of the villa decorates pattern can affect the use of the whole space. The structure of reasonable design of the wall, the use of wall body is conducive to better describe the master better homes. Especially common in the villa inclined roof and pillar structure on the application of more can reflect the villa is different. Metope adornment material to have a lot of, such as ceramic tile, diatom ooze, emulsioni paint, from safety and environmental considerations, I think villa decorated with diatom ooze metope decorate good, diatom mud has the following advantages: ( 1) Eliminate formaldehyde: indoor constantly send out harmful material, every day can net for diatom ooze, release of how many, how much decomposition. ( 2) Deodorization flavour: elimination of diatom mud can remove indoor environment pollution all sorts of peculiar smell, for example: the fishy smell, the pet body odor and smoke, can keep indoor air fresh. ( 3) Improve sleep: diatom ooze per second per square centimeter can release 1869 negative oxygen ion, negative oxygen ion in floating around in the air, let a bedroom like nature and pure and fresh. In addition, diatom mud can release the far infrared ray, can effectively regulate the human body microcirculation, improve people's quality of sleep. ( 4) Wet sterilization: the damping function of diatom ooze is for 4 ~ 6 times as long charcoal and bamboo charcoal. When the indoor humidity, will the micropore of diatom ooze water molecules in the air is sucked in reserve; When the air is dry and wet water molecules can be released, so people called diatom ooze as 'breathing wall,'
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