What on earth are diamond with marble tile ceramic tile to distinguish?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-20
Recently there are too many customers ask, what's the diamond with marble tile, ceramic tile clearly feel are the same! So what's the difference between under the small make up just like you said. ( 1) Product features marble tile belongs to hard stone, often used in building decoration materials, to a flexible polishing of glaze, see when they found a little ripples. Marble tile has an obvious drawback is easy to weathering, and generally not suitable for the shop is stuck outside. Relatively speaking, it has better effect to use diamond tile, in order to meet the needs of different customers and to improve production technology, rigid polishing will glaze for three times, make ceramic tile surface more smooth, zero water ripple. ( 2) Surface hardness, according to the relevant inspection center diamond tile surface hardness of 5 - Level 6, and marble tile surface hardness will be much lower, compared can only achieve 4 - Level 5. ( 3) Adornment effect on adornment effect, marble tile smooth texture, texture clear, rich color pattern, natural adornment effect is very good, have qualitative feeling and diamond smooth ceramic tile, the surface effect is natural and easy, color, texture is diversiform, can decorate the effect of the different style. ( 4) Diamond ehs ceramic tile, marble or ceramic tile, they all have a certain amount of radiation. Marble tile using the clean production technology, production, processing, use more of the low carbon environmental protection, security and diamond surface to join the composition such as silicon, ceramic tile to make it slightly less environmental protection. Sort out is more than a few small make up the difference, hope to help you choose a family to decorate.
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