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What should I do if the bathroom tiles are yellowed?

What should I do if the bathroom tiles are yellowed?


I believe everyone has discovered that the walls of their porcelain tile bathroom are yellowed. When this happens, the surface of the tiles is not very beautiful. What should I do if the tiles in the bathroom are yellowed? Is there any way to quickly remove the yellowing phenomenon? Let's take a look at what method is effective!

First, the bathroom tiles yellowing can try the following methods

1. Cleansing paste

In the gaps of the tiles, you can first use a brush dipped in decontamination paste to clean, and then apply a waterproof agent in the gaps, not only to prevent water penetration, but also prevent mold growth. Many households use disinfectants for cleaning, but it contains chemical substances such as acids and alkalis that affect natural stone, which adversely affects the color of the stone surface and internal minerals; staying on the stone surface can not exceed five minutes, it is recommended to use acid and alkali The neutral cleaning agent can protect its material.

2. Use special cleaners

The kitchen and bathroom tiles are often accumulated by greasy, rust, soap stains and other stains, causing the tiles to yellow and blacken. To keep the porcelain surface clean and not damage the porcelain surface, you can use multi-functional decontamination paste to clean or Special cleaner.

3. Vinegar

If the floor is only slightly yellowed, you can try adding a little vinegar and use a brush to clean it, because the main component of scale is calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate will react with acidic substances and will automatically dissolve scale, as long as the yellowing is not particularly serious. Just rub it several times with vinegar.

4. Use acid cleaner

The acidic cleaner can remove limestone, cement stains, scale, and stubborn urine stains and oxidized metal stains that are often found in the bathroom. The alkaline cleaner can also remove all kinds of animal and plant oily stains and mechanical oil stains. At the same time, it can also remove the wax layer on the ground, which has the effect of strengthening the oil cleaner, without fear of yellowing, and directly restores the white and bright effect.

5. Use sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid solution, salt vinegar and other things

Drip them on the surface of the tiles, and after a few minutes, wipe them with a clean rag. Repeat this and repeat more times. The effect will be removed, the stains will be removed, and the tiles will return to their original appearance.

Second. Precautions for using detergent

1. Regardless of whether you are in the kitchen or bathroom, remember to wear gloves, open windows or open the fan to avoid excessive inhalation of chemical particles

2. Avoid contact of bleach with skin and eyes, and also avoid breathing the smell of bleach

3. Avoid mixing bleach and other cleaning agents, especially those containing ammonia

4. When using fireplace to clean products, remember to use eye masks, gloves and long sleeves, do not use alkaline detergents, and ensure ventilation

5. When using detergents containing antibacterial ingredients, wear gloves to avoid burns to the skin.

The above is how to deal with the yellowing of the tiles in the bathroom. If you have such a method, you can choose one of them and try it. I hope it can help you.Want to know more,call the ceramic tile manufacturer.

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