What should pay attention to ceramic tile shop with

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-25
The main material of ceramic tile is very important in household, in the living room, kitchen, toilet can also be used. Because the use of large area, people attaches great importance to the shop is stuck. So what should pay attention to ceramic tile shop with? A, whether to comply with the design requirements at the time of acceptance of the first thing to do is to see if the design meets the requirements, if you want is the diamond inclined shop, can't shop USES a horizontal or vertical laying method. To see ceramic tile shop is stuck direction is correct, presence of inversion phenomenon. Tile and the waist position is correct. Two, see if any crack cracks and cracks is must not appear in the situation, carefully at the time of acceptance. Choice during the day light cases, with the method of the see and touch, check whether there is tile surface crack fracture. Three, detection of slope gradient inspection focused on the balcony, bathroom, kitchen so often place with water. Floor tile should be enough since the drainage slope, slope should meet the requirements of flood water, water. Acceptance must try water, whether the ground water flow quickly, at the same time, look for the ceramic tile whether leakage has occurred. Four, perpendicularity testing small make up suggest everyone in acceptance of the time don't forget the vertical degree of detection. Ruler on the left side of the vertical detected by the measured surface, and then after being pointer to stop oscillating, read Pointers scale values, the value that is measured surface verticality deviation, each is 1 mm. The facade of ceramic tile verticality typically within 3 mm. Five, the flatness detection of ceramic tile shop sticks smooth sitting room is the most basic requirement, can use when acceptance of 2 m by feet and wedge feeler detection. After using a method of detecting, will by feet side by the measured surface, the aperture size by wedge feeler detection. Each test three points should be, that is, vertical, and in the in situ cross around 45 & deg; Mean value of each point, about three points. Ceramic tile flatness error must not exceed 2 ㎜, adjacent tile elevation difference should not exceed 0. 5㎜。 Ceramic tile shop with which should pay attention to is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile shop sticks can focus on the knowledge of brunei.
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