What should we do with ceramic tile is around the corner

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-27
Ceramic tile corner is refers to two sides connected, the Angle between the vertical wall is called after ceramic tile ceramic tile on the shop around the corner. Ceramic tile corner in decorate to solve the problem of how to make beautiful Angle without seam. This article will from the ceramic tile corner related concepts, how to deal with, ceramic tile ceramic tile corner corner with corner protector or chamfering three aspects to introduce the concept of ceramic tile corner. ( Ceramic tile corner) A, related concepts and ceramic tile ceramic tile corner corner related concepts have chamfer, protect horn, Yin and Yang Angle, corner line, the following is detailed to introduce for everybody. Angle of Yin and Yang, Yang Angle is perpendicular to each other between the two walls of outward right Angle, Yin Angle, by contrast, is to want to the horns of the dents in the wall. Chamfering: this is one comes from a glossary of mechanical engineering, originally is to point to in the process of machining parts, parts will have burrs, in order to remove the burr, makes parts more smooth, but also to facilitate the parts assembly and parts end to 45 & deg; /30° /60° The Angle. In the construction industry, most of chamfering is 45 & deg; 。 Chamfering is to decorate Yang Angle, the two 45 & deg; Chamfering ceramic tile combination is a Yang Angle. Protection of Angle, Angle mainly used in packaging industry is more, it is not really Angle, are used to decorate the chamfering of the floorboard of the decoration products. Now the concept has been widely used in other industries. Kok packaging can be divided into beads, decorative corner protector, building protect horn, so this paper discuss the architecture protect horn. Corner line: it's in the treatment of Angle, if leave a gap, can sew corner line post covering cement, corner line material of aluminum alloy, plastic, etc. Second, how to deal with ceramic tile ceramic tile corner corner does not handle Angle and cracks problem of Yin and Yang. In the decoration encountered in the Yang Angle, let workers will be two sides wall tile touch part of polishing to 45 degrees, then put the two pieces of polished good ceramic tile wall, became a 90 degree Angle, metope ceramic tile of the junction between the gap will be smaller, negligible, do not affect beautiful. In the decoration encountered in the shade, just let one side ceramic tile to be placed on the other side, generally is exposed to the line of sight of the one side wall pressure on the other side, this gap within line of sight but still relatively small. The above method is chamfering processing. A special case, Yang Angle can be used as a fillet processing, with a small piece of porcelain pieces on the right Angle or arc by corner line. Now the factory will produce for arc kok tiles, in the corner shop also can use kok tiles way; In addition can also be used to protect horn line to deal with. Three, ceramic tile corner with corner protector or chamfer we already know the chamfering and protect horn can handle the problem, the ceramic tile corner so decorate in the practical activities, is the corner protector or chamfering good? Chamfering the advantage of ceramic tile with metope of bonding degree is high, there will be no ceramic tile fall off phenomenon, the disadvantage is that cracks at the edges and corners of the ceramic tile of unsafe. Relatively speaking, protect horn is more secure. Kok there are two kinds of method: one is tile protect horn, one is posted kok line. Either way, the corner all wrapped up into a curved, no edges and corners, safety factor is higher. But the disadvantage is that use ceramic tile bead is ceramic tile adhesive is not tight and fall off, with Angle guard line also exist imprecise, protect horn line loss. From a long-term point of view, the method of chamfering is more appropriate, its service life is longer, although there is no good protect horn, security potboiler problems but most protect horn, by contrast, chamfering kok more cost-effective than others. Want to know more about the knowledge of the ceramic tile shop is stuck, please visit our website, we will be patient for you solve all the problems of an outfit. ( Ceramic tile corner)
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