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When purchasing the tiles,what we should pay attention to?

When purchasing the tiles,what we should pay attention to?


In daily life, most of families will lay tiles from wall decoration to floor decoration. House owners with decoration experience or friends who have visited the ceramic tile factory know that there are not only many types of tiles, but also many fancy styles of the same type. It is easy to be dizzy when you go around and do not know how to choose. In fact, different tiles have their own characteristics. Before going to the home store or building materials market, you must first clarify your needs, understand the advantages and disadvantages of different types of tiles, and you can have a basis when buying. So, what are the types of ceramic tiles, what are their characteristics, and what do you need to pay attention to when selecting them?

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According to the production process and performance characteristics, the more common types of ceramic tiles include full body tiles, vitrified tiles and glazed tiles. The advantages of full-body tiles are firmness, abrasion resistance and non-slip resistance, and the surface and internal texture are consistent; the disadvantage is that the color is single and the gloss is not high.

Vitrified tiles are also called full tiles. Due to the high degree of vitrification, its gloss is higher than that of full-body tiles; compared with other floor tiles, its density is high, the water absorption rate is low, and it is not easy to hide sewage and seepage. However, vitrified tiles with better practicality and decoration have relatively higher market sales prices.

Glazed tile is also a kind of ceramic tile that is often used in home decoration. By applying glaze, it has a stronger three-dimensional sense, rich colors, high gloss, waterproof and moisture-proof. However, if the glaze layer on the surface of the polished glazed tile is worn away, it is easy to get wet with water.

And if it is divided according to the application of ceramic tiles in home decoration, it can be divided into wall tiles and floor tiles. In order to stick the wall tiles more firmly on the wall, the water absorption rate of the tiles must not be too low, usually around 10%. Correspondingly, ground tiles have relatively high hardness, wear resistance and waterproof and anti-skid characteristics.

When selecting ceramic tiles, you can first determine the type and size of ceramic tiles according to the characteristics of the apartment and the decoration style. When determining the color and style of ceramic tiles, it is necessary to combine the personal preference of the occupants, especially the application of ceramic tiles in the bedroom. In addition, because wall tiles and floor tiles are generally not universal, you should pay attention to distinguish them and select them separately.

The above has sorted out and introduced the common types of ceramic tiles, as well as their respective advantages and disadvantages, and also shared the factors that need to be considered when purchasing ceramic tiles. In the actual purchase process, owners can visit a few more ceramic tile manufacturer to compare the quality, price and service, and finally choose the tiles that are more suitable for their home decoration needs.

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