Where is the changchun after ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-07
1. To work on time, arrive after patrol warehouse, check whether there is a suspicious, report timely to the superior, while going off work should check the Windows and doors. 。 。 2. Seriously do a good job in the safety of the warehouse, sorting, often clean the warehouse tidy pile goods, check the fire hazards in time; 3. Check security, insect-resistant eat by moth, rat bite, mildew prevent safety measures and hygiene measures such as whether to implement, ensure inventory goods in good condition; 4. Responsible for school supplies, hair, save work, receiving, for into the warehouse the goods must be strictly according to the examination and approval of purchase requisition, volume and quality acceptance. 。 。 5. , after the acceptance of goods must be stacked by category of fixed position, be neat and beautiful; The ceramic tile of the so-called & other; After & throughout; , perennial accumulation formation of the ceramic tile is commonly known as the sales center, not far from the gastro, can sit 279 directly arrive at the railway station. Along the Middle East a gastro south road, has been to zero miles out of town, on both sides of the street is selling ceramic tile merchants, here is a legendary changchun after ceramic tile. Changchun after sales ceramic tile ceramic tile is very much, some big brands of ceramic tile or compare with quality, premium brands are: east peng, champion, gold rudder, Marco Polo, the Mona Lisa, Nobel, can strong, brunei, Europe and the United States, firewood east, Mick, eagle, Asia, etc.
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