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Which ceramic tiles are popular in 2020? Which ceramic tile is good?

Which ceramic tiles are popular in 2020? Which ceramic tile is good?


In 2020, many friends have begun to plan to lay tiles, so what kind of tiles are suitable? What kind of tiles are popular this year?

The commonly used tiles include polished tiles, glazed tiles, interior wall tiles, and small floor tiles. Polished tiles include polycrystalline, Pilates, wood grain, natural stone, whole body polished tiles, etc. Glazed tiles include full polished glaze, diamond, microcrystalline stone, whole body marble, negative ion tiles, soft marble, golden silk marble, antique tiles, printed tiles, etc.

The more popular products in 2019 include negative ion tiles, whole body marble, golden silk marble, soft marble, inkjet polished tiles, antique tiles. A brief introduction of better-selling tiles, negative ion tiles are the addition of negative ion raw materials (electrical Stone), so that the ceramic tiles continuously release negative ions, which are beneficial to the environment and human health, so they are liked by consumers. Because negative ion tiles are newly popular, the price is slightly higher. In fact, the negative ions in the air are enough. If you want more negative ions indoors, you might as well use an air purifier or buy some tourmaline and put it at home.

The whole body marble is based on the diamond base and the color material to make the surface and the base color consistent, which looks the same on the outside and inside. In fact, the whole body marble is also quite tasteless, except that it is useful for grinding and chamfering when dry hanging, the other effects are the same as ordinary diamond. And the whole body marble base is also added a little color, which is different from the surface texture.

Soft marble is made of special glaze on the surface, and special polishing makes the surface matte. The brightness of most soft light tiles is between 30° and 65°. Soft light is different from bright light. For example, the brightness of polished tiles is generally at 90°, and glazed tiles are at about 100°. There are many kinds of soft marble patterns and colors. The decoration is also relatively high-end, soft marble is a good choice.

The price of antique tiles is generally relatively cheap, suitable for young people who are looking for texture. Try to choose a lighter antique brick, if it is too dark, it will be easy to be aesthetically tired. Inkjet polished tiles are produced by using ink penetration technology on the surface to penetrate the ink into the tiles, and then using the polished tile process. Since the technology of inkjet polished tiles is not particularly perfect, it is still under further research, and there are not many options available, so it is not recommended for everyone to choose now.

The more popular patterns of interior wall tiles vary from person to person. The more commonly used specifications are 300*600, 240*600, 400*800. The effect of using floor tiles to grind and chamfer the edges and then install the walls is also very good.

There are many types of ceramic tiles produced by ceramic tile manufacturers, and you can choose products that suit you according to your different needs.

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