Which kind of diamond ceramic tile is more good

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-26
Diamond tiles, also known as king kong glaze tile floor, super crystal glaze ceramic tile ceramic tile, Jin Gangjing, also has a part called Jin Gangchao SPAR. Although the name part of the above, the technology actually choose difference is not too big. Diamond tile rise - in 2015 In 2016, although the rise time is not long, but because the advantage of itself characteristic, in ceramic tile market already have their own piece of heaven and earth. Many people have some understanding of the characteristic of diamond ceramic tile, but the actual to diamond tile types, we clear? Diamond tile glaze layer: is glazed ceramic tile ceramic tile glaze layer super crystal products, as a secondary burning super crystal products, innovative technology to make its surface layer and there is no water ripple, also solve the uneven problem caused by large area of the shop floor tile. Glaze layer of the selected material, surface gloss special bright-coloured, decorative pattern design is complete, have adornment sex at the same time, weaken the basic functions of antiskid, guys pay special attention to the installation and use the installation using the indoor environment. For the kitchen or bathroom that often there is water of interior space, everybody is not recommended to install use diamond tile. Diamond microcrystalline ceramic tile, ceramic tile microlite everybody also known as microcrystalline glass ceramic composite panels, this also is a new composite material, thickness in 13 - usually 18mm。 Diamond as a composite material, ceramic tile microlite the microcrystalline glass with bo changes a tile advantages of the two, the dirt is not easy to be absorbed easily, later clean conveniently. Since no radioactive elements, especially beneficial to the health of our body, is a particularly valuable green environmental protection product. Diamond tiles have special luxuriant adornment effect, microcrystalline ceramic tile also is such. Surface hard wear resistance, compressive strength ability much more than ordinary marble or granite floor tile. Diamond microcrystalline ceramic tile of technology innovation, make it more suitable for a variety of house decoration, enhanced itself in the sales market share. Though there are two types of diamond tile type, but whether it is a preference, keep the diamond tile zero water ripple, pollution, super wear resistance, high brightness. As a decorative tile floor very good, is especially suitable for hotels, clubs and other public places to build low-key costly sense of atmosphere. Diamond type ceramic tile is not much, but always continue in innovative technology, people's need for a family to decorate also more and more high, diamond tile to in the future are likely to have more and more types. At the same time we also strongly believe that the diamond is not easy to appropriate floor tile, ceramic tile to often can appear more and more kinds of floor tile, at the end of the meet all family decorate endless pursuit.
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