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Which tile is suitable for industrial style decoration

Which tile is suitable for industrial style decoration


Compared with the popularity in European and American countries, the industrial style is not the mainstream domestic decoration style, but it is a home decoration design with strong style and distinctive characteristics, which can better highlight the personality, so it also has a group of domestic loyal fans, especially Young owners who pursue fashion, youth and personality, as well as artists and designers. Including some high end restaurants or cafes, it has also been decorated in an industrial style. So, when decorating the space design based on industrial style, how should the tiles on the walls and floors be applied? Which tiles are suitable for this decoration style? Ask the tile manufacturer.

It needs to be fashionable and cool enough, which kind of ceramic tile is suitable for industrial decoration

First, we must understand the characteristics of industrial decoration styles, as well as the main elements. The industrial style usually presents a personalized decoration characteristic of returning to nature, retro literature and art, ruggedness, fashion and coolness. Among the decorative materials, elements and materials such as solid wood, cement and metal are often selected. Because of this, in the overall decoration collocation and design, imitation metal, imitation wood, imitation cement texture and stone texture tiles, and more decorative tiles, more suitable for industrial-style overall space creation.

The industrial style is dominated by metallic colors and cool colors in the overall color of the decoration. In order to maintain the unity of spatial colors, the color temperature and atmosphere are more harmonious. Metal bricks that imitate the color and decorative effect of metal have a metallic texture and more perfectly match the tonality of the industrial style. They have become the first choice for industrial decoration styles.

In addition to metal tiles, there is also a ceramic tile china that is often used in industrial decoration styles. This is wood grain brick. Wood grain bricks can perfectly reproduce the effect of solid wood from texture patterns to specifications and sizes, which can not only express the fresh and natural rural style, but also have the rough side of solid wood, which can create a unique industrial style.

Cement bricks, mainly in gray tones, are also very popular with industrial decoration styles. Cement bricks have been particularly popular with young owners in recent years. It was born with a decorative effect imitating the setting of cement. Whether it is a rustic retro or a graffiti texture, it can bring a unique industrial style personal home.

As a full-fledged decoration style, the industrial style is cold and tough, and it will inevitably feel cold when applied to home decoration, and it will be a little less human. It is recommended that some hexagonal small tiles can be used to embellish and decorate a part of the home space, showing some small warmth and small feelings in the details.

At home, if you want to decorate an industrial style with a stylish personality, you must understand the imitation metal bricks, imitation wood grain bricks, imitation cement bricks, and small tiles with retro literary temperament that are more suitable for industrial style elements!

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