White ceramic tile effect of corner protector

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-23
Of white ceramic tile rendering article kok, many owners may not be familiar with, small make up recently happened to awareness of some information about article kok of white ceramic tile rendering, for everyone here to introduce of white ceramic tile rendering article kok experience, hope to be able to help you. 1, what is the article kok kok actually in the family is decorated in now is commonly used to protect horn article in addition to beautiful wall outside, at the same time also can reinforce the corner of the room, can avoid a good corner of dents and other damage, protect, and if you have children at home, that is more should consider installing, soft texture, we can to protect children from knock against harm us soft texture, can protect the children from knock against damage. Article 2, the family is decorated in installation Angle bead what benefits we all know that after the completion of the decoration to move into the house of furniture and household items are more, if you accidentally knock against the corner, then you think you will love dearly, not have kids then ran home at ordinary times, avoid bump into a corner, the corner protector for round have the cushioning effect; Metope is generally a single color, different style color bead the ornament that can play a role. Wall corner protector now has been widely used in decorating, should belong to the people's life to return uncut jade to put in a kind of identity. Article 3, wall corner protector has the advantages of wall corner article has good resistance to impact, at the same time also can prevent aging, also with corrosion resistant, if wants to combine and putty can enhance the corner very good impact resistance, can maintain long-term beautiful corner and not be destroyed, but with the synchronization of the principal part of the project implementation, use process without using the foot plate, the operation is simple, construction efficiency is generally 2 ~ 5 times, simplifies the construction procedures, speed up the construction speed, reduce the project cost, improve the quality of engineering. Article corner protector can be formed on the ridge in the plaster engineering right-angle side resistance to rupture, or crack, and protect and reinforcing plaster fragile parts, its wings can be in any side of the ridge firmly embedded in the entire depth of the plaster. When used for building construction and completion of plaster corner vulnerable to damage, use the article kok strengthened the fastness of metope, and because of its easy construction can save a lot of time. Article kok operation fast and convenient construction, reinforcing the corner strength, has extensive practical. 4, installation Angle bead more ground tall if home to install the wall corner protector, distance to the floor in the 400-500 mm, but still want to buy the overall how long is the size of the bead board, but it is important to note that do not fall to the ground directly. Wooden how to install, can use the glue, also can use the glue bully. Above is the small make up for everybody finishing of white ceramic tile rendering article kok some material, you if there is any doubt to query out also can log on our website.
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