Who to pay the freight of cement tiles london sample?
Generally, the sample of cement tile is provided by Guangdong Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd without the exemption from freight fee. Taking the distance between export destinations and the port and other overhead expenses into account, the cost of delivering the sample may be higher than the unit price of the sample itself. From delivering the sample out of the factory to customers' hands, the whole manufacturing process can be completed requiring the combined efforts of a great number of people including warehousemen, shippers, and after-sales service staff. The cost of manpower is necessary.

Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd is a company specializing in the production of best quartz countertops. We have accumulated many years of experience in our production. Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the business of quartz worktops and other product series. Overland black laminate worktop comes in various design styles, perfectly blending the functionality and aesthetics. It is more slip resistant compared to ordinary tiles. The product promotes an energy-efficient lifestyle of people. It not only reduces electricity demand but also cuts the amount of greenhouse gas emission. It is suitable for residential and commercial floor and wall applications.

We have created sustainability strategies to seek to improve profits as well as reduce environmental impact. We are sparing with the water and energy in the production process, and limiting our carbon footprint in the transport of our waste.
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