Whole house shop sticks ceramic tile and beautiful atmosphere, why should advise you to think twice

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-30
Home decoration materials will involve a number of different building materials, light metope decorate, have a lot of different materials to choose from. Some families choose to stick wallpaper, some families white-washed wall directly, some families also consider using diatom ooze. However, most families will still to stick wall brick. Metope ceramic tile surface is bright and clean, beautiful atmosphere not only, and easy cleaning, is indeed a domestic metope decorate good choice. However, metope ceramic tile is good, but the general with & other; Half spread throughout the &; Give priority to, without the need for full range wall all full. Too much of a good thing, a lot of ceramic tile of the whole house owner in check in after a period of time, a remorseful. What are the problems then, whole house sticks ceramic tile, why can let a person & other; If only & throughout; 吗? In fact, & other; Whole house & throughout; Ceramic tile also is home in addition to all the ground USES ceramic tile decoration, including all metope is decorated with ceramic tile. Under normal circumstances, the ceramic tile on the wall not be fully covered, but the shop is stuck - 50% 70%. But, some owners decorate in the family, on the Internet to see more about the whole house sticks ceramic tile residential cases, think to decorate the effect is more bright atmosphere, without considering the actual use of functional and experience; Some owners, child's at home, in order to avoid graffito of the scribble bear everywhere after hard to clean, simply put the entire wall is covered with tile. Wait until the real live in, all sorts of problems began to emerge slowly. First of all, the whole house is covered with tile cold atmosphere. Ceramic tile itself feels hard and cold, if from the wall to the ground all the shop is stuck with ceramic tile, a bright at the same time also had cold, lack of the feeling of warm miaomiao. If it is in summer, the feeling is not obvious. If it is in winter, however, this problem is easily exposed, because even with floor heating in the home, also can't melt metope of cold. Second, the ceramic tile is easy to be stained with dust. Thering is no lack of owners is at ceramic tile is easy to clean, just choose the whole house shop sticks ceramic tile. Admittedly, ceramic tile surface is smooth, antifouling fouling resistance is good, easy for clean up. However, use in the long run, it will become dirty, but also easy to touch dirt, ceramic tile need regular cleaning. If the entire wall plastered with ceramic tile, think about clean dishcloth should take home all the top of the wall height and smudgy, heart is very tired. In addition, the whole house will stick ceramic tile, ceramic tile dosage would have more many, the corresponding purchase cost and artificial cost will increase. From this perspective, the whole house sticks ceramic tile suit to decorate cost plenty of family.
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